Name Annette Tate
Age 53 (at time of death)
Date of
Gender Female
Old Friends, New Enemies
Profession Chef (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Seth (Grandfather, deceased)
Sean O'Hara (Boyfriend, deceased)
Status Deceased
Cause of
Breast cancer
Ethnicity Caucasian
Old Friends, New Enemies
to Trojan

Annette Tate is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. She acts as a chef for Midway.


Little to nothing is known about Annette's life before the apocalypse other than she was a heroin addict in the eighties and that the habit almost killed her.

Because her Grandfather Seth never had any sons or grandsons, he dragged Annette along to hunting, where she learnt how to shoot.

A few years prior to the apocalypse, Annette was diagnosed with breast cancer. On the year the apocalypse took place, Annette had been told it was terminal.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Nothing is known about what happened to Annette during the early days of the apocalypse other than she lost her relatives and ended up out-living them even though they had been the ones caring for her during her illness. Annette was close to giving up but continued to fight to stay alive on a day to day basis.

At some point, she ended up at Midway, where she contributed as a chef for the people. She kept her illness a secret from all but Felicia, the communities doctor, and two of her closet friends Rachel and Penny.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Annette first appears as she interrupts a lunch discussion between Henry Jones, the leader of Midway, and his old friend Georgie Rutherford, who has just joined the town. When Georgie says claims to not have an appetite. Annette enters and asks if she should be offended. Henry introduces her to Georgie, and says she's the chef at Midway. When Annette asks if they'd like anything else, they both decline. She then departs, claiming her work is done until dinner.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

The following day, Annette goes over to Georgie and Calvin and jokingly asks the two if they're done flirting. When they insist they're not, she then kids "And I'm Madonna." She then asks Calvin to help her out with the gardening. Rachel tells Annette she should take it easy, but Annette responds she's capable of pulling her own weight. Georgie is then introduced to Penny and her dog, Dolly. Georgie jokes that she will watch and observe Calvin to see if he's doing a good job.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

That night, Annette is unable to sleep. She is approached by Sean, a new arrival and friend of Georgie's. He introduces himself and mentions he heard she's the chef. The two get to talking and immediately taking a liking towards one another. Annette tells Sean she would like to take the time to get to know him better. He feels the same. The two then decide to go and clean dishes together.

Later that night, Annette and Sean agree that they've had a good time, even though they just washed dishes. They agree to do it again sometime. They then hug goodnight.

The following day, Sean approaches Annette, who is sitting and talking with Rachel. Annette rudely rebuffs Sean's attempt to talk and makes it clear she was in a conversation with Rachel. A hurt Sean apologises and leaves. Rachel tells Annette she was harsh and tells her that pushing people away will get her no where.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

A few days on, Annette approaches Sean and apologises to him for being cold to him the last time they spoke. He tells her to relax and says it's all water under the bridge. Annette sits alongside Sean, where she asks him about his alcoholism. She then confesses to being an addict herself, having battled with heroin in the eighties. Sean is surprised by this. Annette jokes that she isn't just the charismatic, drop-dead-gorgeous chef everybody thinks she is.

During a walk, Sean and Annette come across a group of zombies stuck in mud. The two decide to have some fun by using the stuck zombies as a shooting range. Sean and Annette take out the zombies stuck in the mud. Sean expresses his guilt for wasting ammo, but Annette shrugs it off. When Sean notices a change in her personality, he asks what's going on with her. She admits she's tired of being shacked up on that rooftop all day, cooking and cleaning and not much else and she wanted to remind herself that she's alive. She then leans in and kisses him. He asks if she did that because it meant or something or because she wanted to feel alive. She says both. The two then return to camp.

That night, Sean tells Annette she's a gifted shot. She explains her Grandfather used to drag her along to hunting as he was never blessed with any sons or grandsons. The two hug and bid each other goodnight.


A few days later, Sean and Georgie wait for Annette's verdict on a cake Georgie has just made from Annette's grandmother's recipe. Annette says its perfect and Sean remarks how great it is for Annette to have passed the recipe on. Annette calls Georgie a wonderful chef and says she hopes she'll bake the cake for her children someday, which Georgie is touched by. Sean asks Annette if she fancies a walk, but she claims to be tired. Sean notices she is pale and asks if she's all right. Annette assures him she'll be fine after a nap. She then leaves and watches from afar as Calvin, Shiloh and Donna all flock to the kitchen to enjoy the cake. She smiles, and then gets into her tent.

At some point after falling asleep, Annette succumbed to breast cancer.

Sean takes the news of her passing extremely bad, as he is both heartbroken over he death and furious that he kept her illness from him, even after Rachel explains that Annette didn't want the cancer to stop her from ruining her life and that it was never her intention to hurt Sean. At the end of the episode, Sean starts drinking again.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Annette's funeral takes place the day after she passes away and is attended by Henry, Elaine, Penny, Rachel, Angie, Javier, Jai, Donna, Georgie, Calvin, Peter, Beatrice, Aimi, Shiloh, Ben, Dwayne, Waylon, Felicia, Mark and two unnamed residents of Midway. Both Henry and Penny speak at the service, paying tribute to their friend. Eventually, Sean turns up and gatecrashes. Sean decides to deliver an eulogy of his own. He says "Whilst it may have seemed that our recently departed Annette was a kind, thoughtful, selfless woman, the opposite was in fact true. Long story short, she lured me in and spat me out. I hope the lying, manipulative witch rots in-" but he doesn't finish his sentence as Jai walked up behind him and knocked him out with his gun.

Sean is later banished from Midway after a fight with Henry.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

During the four months following her death, Jai decorated Annette's and Sean's graves and signs are erected with their names. Annette's surname is revealed to be Tate. The words "made a hell of a cheesecake" were lovingly written on the sign.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Annette has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Out of all the main characters, Annette met Shiloh, Henry, Georgie, Sean, Angie, Javier, Aimi, Shiro, Jai and Peter.
  • Annette appeared in five episodes.
  • She is currently the first and only survivor in the series to die from natural causes.
  • It's possible Annette worked as a chef before the outbreak.
  • She joked that she was good at the board game Monopoly.
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