Season 1, Episode 13
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche*
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin
Bobby de Luca
Beatrice Thompson
Michael Lewis
Richard Coleman
James Jenson
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

I’m sick of you talking down to me, underestimating me, thinking I’m useless! I’m not useless! I’m strong! Much stronger than what even I gave myself credit for!

Victoria Franklin

"Clash" is the thirteenth episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was published for the first time on June 21st 2015.


Alexis heads out on a mission to locate an old college acquaintance, one who could prove invaluable. Meanwhile, Vicky goes to see Angie and her people to warn them about the threat Alexis poses, later causing a massive confrontation between Vicky and Alexis that has dire consequences for one of the women.


Alexis bids Victoria goodbye as she prepares to head out with a group of others to track down Michael Lewis, a pathologist both she and Victoria went to college with. Victoria is dubious that Michael will even be found alive, but Alexis is confident. When Victoria asks Alexis why she's being nice all of a sudden, Alexis tries to assure her that they've settled things. Victoria reminds her that they haven't settled anything and that Alexis just took control. Alexis tells Victoria she doesn't want them to fall out again and asks if she'll hold the fort until she returns. She then walks away as Victoria stares after her icily.

Close the main group's camp, Joy approaches Charlotte Layton and asks if she's spotted any deers, but she's told she hasn't. Joy then asks Charlotte how she got so good with her bow. Charlotte reveals she used to practice archery as a kid and that she almost went to Olympics but things didn't work out. Joy then asks Charlotte if she's all right and points out that she's been quiet since the group got back from Summerlyn City a few days previously. Charlotte assures her she's fine. Joy then leaves her to it, unaware of Charlotte feeling immensely guilty for secretly working with Eli.

Outside the last known address of Michael's, Alexis prepares her armed group as they head inside. One man, Jenson, speaks up and declares it a waste of time. Steph defends Alexis and asks why he bothered coming if he thinks that. He angrily retorts that he wasn't given a choice as it was help out or leave, an arrangement which Alexis and Steph deem more than fair. Jenson then asks Steph why she's the only one from her group on the mission. Steph reveals that Jeff is finding the recent loss of their other survivors hard and that Richard Coleman isn't much of a fighter. Jenson is angered by Jeff's sensitivity as they've all lost people and he demands to know why Coleman should be allowed to stick around. Alexis points out that he's a doctor. She then overrules Jenson and announces that she doesn't need to explain herself to him. She then leads them into the building, reminding them not to break ranks.

Back at the housing complex, Victoria pays Coleman a visit in his new infirmary and asks what he's up to. He reveals he's putting an inventory together of everything they will need in order to have a functioning infirmary. Victoria then reveals she's heading out of the complex, which Coleman tries to dissuade her from doing. Victoria takes his advice personally and asks if Alexis has pointed out how incompetent she is. Coleman denies that but states that it's not safe outside the walls for anybody on their own. Victoria ignores his warnings and asks for a favour: to cover for her should Alexis return before she does. Coleman is reluctant to get involved and lie, but eventually concedes when Victoria pleads. She then leaves, without answering his questions on where she is going.

At the survivors camp, Peter asks Joy how Charlotte was and she reveals she's the same as she's been for days: distant. Shiro reminds Peter that he shouldn't worry about her but Aimi disagrees and states that it is worrying to see her in such a way. The four then speculate on what could have happened to her when she was separated from the others. Peter tells the group that he hopes she will pull herself together, for her own sake.

Angie and Javier play a word association game as the latter fishes. The two then discuss movies and Angie is flabbergasted when Javier reveals he has probably only watched around five movies in his life. Jai then interrupts and tells Javier he can now remove the bandage covering his chest (after he was shot by Eli) as the risk of infection is pretty much gone. Angie points out that he can finally go back to wearing shirts. Javier jokingly asks if she's disappointed, which she laughs out. The flirting between his sister and close friend doesn't go unnoticed by Bobby who expresses his disdain to Sean.

On the outskirts of the city, Victoria makes her way to her destination, which is revealed to be the survivors camp.

Back in the housing complex, Coleman checks on Jeff, who is keeping himself locked away in his room. Coleman tries to get through to Jeff and asks him to come and have something to eat. He then mentions Leah and the other friends they lost and tells him that even though it's hard, they're dead and they have to move on. He then walks away as Jeff mutters to himself that he's dead too, as he's secretly hiding a bite.

Peter checks on Georgie by asking Joy how she's doing, which somewhat irritates Georgie, who makes it clear she can speak for herself. She reveals she's doing a lot better now she has medicine. Beatrice asks her for a piggyback, which Georgie is obviously unable to do. Bobby then picks up a giggling Beatrice and places her on his shoulders. Joy says how happy Beatrice is now Georgie is back on her feet. Peter points out she'd be a lot happier if Lorna and Milo were around. Joy apologises, but Peter assures her he didn't mean anything by it as he was just wondering.

After an unsuccessful search for Michael, Jenson grows tired and insists that they head back, but Alexis is adamant Michael will be found alive. This only angers Jenson more as he tells Alexis she knows shit. She threatens with him expulsion unless he stops talking to her with disrespect. Jenson softens somewhat and expresses his appreciation for taking him and his friends in, but stands by his point that they're wasting their time and risking their lives for nothing. Alexis insists that they're going to keep looking and walks away: telling the others that anybody who doesn't follow her can consider themselves homeless.

Victoria nears the survivor's camp with a group of zombies on her tail. They are taken out by a patrolling Charlotte, who scolds her almost bringing the undead right to their camp. Charlotte asks Victoria if Alexis is with her as she doubts she will be welcome. Victoria assures her she isn't but that Alexis is the reason she's come. Charlotte lowers her bow and asks Victoria what she wants. She reveals that she needs to speak to Angie.

Alexis and her group stumble into a group of zombies, which they dispose of at her insistence. They come across a barricaded staircase, which Michael appears at the top of when he demands to know what all the noise is about. Michael is surprised to see Alexis, but she tells him she knew he would be alive.

Whilst sat around the campfire, Angie tries to reassure Peter that he might find Lorna and Milo someday as she and Bobby managed to find each other in spite of the odds against it. Peter remarks that miracles don't come around twice, but Angie points out that he is still due his. At that moment, Charlotte arrives in camp with Victoria. Angie embraces her old friend and asks what she's doing in their camp. She reveals that Alexis needs to be stopped.

In the penthouse at the top of his apartment block, Michael reveals to Alexis that he has been living there since he realised his small, grubby apartment wouldn't keep him safe for long and that he barricaded the stairs and used the fire exits to get around the building in order to get fresh air and to ransack for supplies. Alexis then reveals to Michael that she and her people are from the complex, which she has taken for her own and started a safe town there. She then insists that he come back with them and be a part of their community. When he asks what her motive is, she says "You’re a pathologist, Michael. Need I say more?"

Michael reveals he has no idea what caused the current pandemic and insists it could be a wide range of things. She asks if he's done any research and assumed he had because of the group of undead he kept purposely downstairs, but he explains he used them for protection from other people more than anything else. When Alexis tries to convince him to return to the complex with her, he cuts to the chase and points out that he's fully aware she would be using him to find a cure and if he did, it would put her in a position of power. She doesn't deny this and instead promises he will get any equipment he might need. Michael tries to get out of it by exclaiming that there must be other scientists, bigger, better and smarter than he, who have tried and failed to come up with a cure. Alexis tells him that's the lazy man's way out and insists that he is better than that. Michael admits he has grown quite lazy over the past few weeks and even though he has grown attatched to his home, he agrees to return to the complex with her.

At the camp, Victoria fills the main group of survivors in on Alexis's recent behaviour. She also reveals the real reason she stayed in the city with Alexis was to try and find the housing complex, which she knew would serve as a great safe haven. Sean and Shiro are angered she kept it to herself and didn't tell them. Victoria makes it clear that she didn't owe them anything, but Shiro reminds her that they kept her alive that night in the city. Angie tells them to back off and leave her alone. On the subject of Alexis, Victoria reveals that she is letting survivors into the complex in order to build up an army of people who are loyal to her. Joy, Aimi and Georgie ask what this has to do with them and Victoria points out that she would cause problems for them eventually. Angie backs her up and says with enough power and men at her disposal, she could become a problem. Peter then offers his assistance to Victoria and promises her that if she ever needs help then she can come back to their camp and they'll do anything they can to help. Victoria calls them good people and thanks them, and then says goodbye to Angie as she prepares to make her way back to the city.

Alexis and Michael head over to Steph, Jenson and the others and reveal that they're heading back to the complex. Michael asks Alexis how long Victoria has been dead, but she corrects him and says that she's still alive, which surprises him and he retorts that she used to declare her life over if she did as much as break a nail. A curious Steph asks about Michael's "Black Widow" nickname for Alexis and its origins. He reveals they used to have a joke that Alexis consumed her sexual partners after intercourse but states it's a joke which unfortunately has a completely different meaning what with the cannibalistic pandemic.

At the complex, an ailing Jeff makes his way outside upon realising the risk he poses to the townspeople should he turn. He calls out for help, but collapses and dies behind one of the temporary office buildings, hidden from view.

As she arrives back into Summerlyn, Victoria stops and panics as she sees two zombies heading straight for her. Realising she has to step up and take them out in order to live, she pulls out her knife and subdues them. She then walks away, declaring that she can and will survive.

Back at the survivor's camp, the majority of the group discuss Victoria and whether or not she can be trusted. Joy shares her concern that Victoria will end up leading trouble to their door, but Shiro and Aimi assure her that they wouldn't let that happen. Georgie says that Victoria looked very sincere and asks Charlotte what she thinks. Charlotte appears distracted, but agrees with Georgie. Off to one-side, Peter approaches Angie and asks if she's all right. She reveals she didn't expect to see Victoria again. He asks how far back they go and she tells them they were all acquaintances in college but she didn't particularly like any of them aside from Jack. She also mentions that Alexis has always been a cold bitch who delights in other's misfortune. Peter asks Angie if she meant what she said when she backed Victoria, or if she lied just to support her friend. She assures him she was telling the truth and that Alexis could be a problem. She then says she hopes Victoria watches her back for Alexis's knife.

Upon arriving at the housing complex, Michael expresses his amazement at the place and admits to Alexis that he almost turned down her offer to stay. He also points out that Jenson doesn't seem to be a fan of hers and advises her to keep an eye on him, which she agrees with. Coleman comes over and welcomes Alexis home, who in turn introduces him to Michael. Alexis asks where Victoria is, but Coleman, who is visibly uncomfortable, lies for her and says he doesn't know.

Mere moments after, Victoria arrives, where Michael greets her. When Alexis angrily demands to know where Victoria has been, Michael decides to take his leave and see himself into one of the houses. He tells Victoria he'll catch up with her tomorrow. After he leaves, Alexis demands an explanation from both Coleman and Victoria. Coleman insists he didn't want to lie but he also didn't want to be rude to Victoria, who asked him for a favour. He asks if he can go and get some sleep and Alexis says yes.

Elsewhere, Steph decides to check on Jeff, only to discover that he's not in the house.

Victoria begins to walk away to go to bed, but Alexis is insistent on knowing where she went. She smugly reveals that she went to Peter's camp and told them everything about what she was up to and that they agreed to help her should she ever need them to. Alexis is outraged and says that Peter and the others could be on their way to their safe complex now. Victoria gets angry and makes it clear to Alexis that she is sick of her talking down and underestimating her and that she's stronger than what either of them thought she was.

As Victoria makes it clear she'll be standing up to Alexis from now on, a zombified Jeff approaches her from behind. Alexis tries to warn her, but he grabs Victoria and pulls her to the floor. She drops her knife as she falls. Alexis raises her gun to kill Jeff, only to coldly lower her gun and do nothing. Victoria begs for help but when Alexis refuses, she instead asks to have her knife kicked over to her as she can take them out herself now. Again, Alexis does nothing to intervene. Victoria is hysterical as Jeff bites into her chest, sealing her fate. Michael, Coleman, Steph, Jenson and Alvin rush to the scene. Alexis then raises her gun and shoots Jeff in the head, killing him. A mortally wounded Victoria begins to plead with Alexis, who without saying a word, fires a bullet into her face, killing her instantly. Alexis then lowers her gun and coldly walks away, leaving behind the stunned, traumatised survivors and Victoria's motionless body.



  • First appearance of Michael Lewis.
  • First appearance of Alvin, without lines.
  • First appearance of Matt, without lines.
  • Last appearance of Jeff. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Victoria Franklin.
  • The title of this episodes comes from the final confrontation between Alexis and Victoria.
    • Victoria said the following line "We’re friends; we’re bound to clash sometimes, especially with how intense life is now" to Alexis in Still, In Summerlyn which the title of this episode appears to be referring to.
  • Victoria becomes the first main character to die in this episode.
  • Angie mentions the films Free Willy and Pretty Woman and states she misses watching movies.
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