Name Drew Franklin
Age 22
Date of
June 4th, 1992
Gender Male
Old Friends, New Enemies
Profession Unknown
Family Unnamed father (likely deceased)
Victoria Franklin (sister, deceased)
Shiro Kato (Boyfriend)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Old Friends, New Enemies
to present

Drew Franklin is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is first introduced as a troubled survivor from Midway who prefers his own company. It's later discovered he is the brother of former main character and survivor Victoria. He eventually forms a romantic relationship with Shiro Kato.


Little to nothing is known about Drew's life before the apocalypse other than his sister was Victoria Franklin and their father was a very rich businessman. The family were devoted Catholics and did a lot of charity.

Post ApocalypseEdit


After the apocalypse began, Drew took refuge in a sushi restaurant, where he took a samurai sword down from the wall, sharpened it, and kept it as his weapon of choice for the undead. After being the only survivor to make it out of the restaurant alive, Drew eventually became a founding member of a community called Midway, which is situated on a roof-top of an old mall, making it completely invulnerable to the undead.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Drew first appears when Midway guards Shiloh Jones and Donna bring him back to town after he wanders off. He is brought to leader, Henry Jones, who was in the middle of talking to his old friend Georgie Rutherford, who had just joined the community. Drew makes it clear he didn't want to come back but that they made him. Henry tells Drew he's a part of this place and that they're a community who look out for each other. Drew remarks that he needs a sick bucket. He then leaves for his tent. Shiloh calls him a dickhead, causing Drew to extend his middle finger as he walks away. After he's gone, Shiloh suggests they kick him out, but Henry refuses, and states Drew's troubled and needs support, not judgement.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

As Georgie's friends Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Sean and Javier arrive at Midway, Drew sees them from afar. Shiro comes face-to-face with Drew, and the two stare at each other for a moment before Drew extends his middle finger and walks away. Shiro smirks at this. Later, Rachel scolds Drew who decides to leave for a walk. He collects his sword he stashed in bush. Just then, Dwayne rushes over, with dozens of zombies giving chase. He collapses by Drew, who leaps into action. Henry and the other residents are awakened and many hurry down to assist. As the zombies are taken out, Shiloh and Drew help Dwayne up to the town to safety. After the threat is disposed of, everybody heads back upstairs, where Henry suggests they all all return to bed. Wide awake after the drama, Shiro, Aimi, Georgie, Shiloh, Javier, and Calvin agree to Drew's invite to a nearby pub. Bickering ensues but Javier asks if they can put everything to one side and enjoy themselves. Calvin agrees, and gets in the first round. Later that night, Shiro approaches Drew, who was drinking alone. The two realise they have similar attitudes when it comes to people. Drew states he wasn't always this way and used to be the life and soul of a party. Shiro states that he was different, and that he's never been a people person. Drew lies down and says "I'll nap to that."

The following morning, Henry scolds the group for getting drunk, which he describes as counter-productive and idiotic.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Drew doesn't appear in this episode but he is mentioned when Shiro admits to Aimi that he caught Drew stealing cheese whilst drunk. Shiro covered for Drew and lied to Henry when asked if he knew anything about it.


A few days on, Drew is approached by Angie, who insists she knows him from somewhere, which he denies. When she says he's Vicky's brother, he raises his middle finger and tells her to fuck off. Shiro is chosen by the group to break some news to Drew. He joins him as he walks through the woods close to Midway. Shiro watches as Drew beheads zombies to blow off some steam. Shiro tells him it's not a smart idea, and informs him of how he went out on an undead killing spree after losing somebody he cared about, and it's how he ended up bitten and without three fingers. Drew says that won't happen to him. Shiro says he can be cocky all he likes, but Drew makes it clear he has nothing to worry about. Drew later admits he accidentally killed a man a few weeks ago when he demanded he hand over his sword. Drew then asks Shiro why he's followed him. Shiro tells Drew that Vicky died some weeks ago and that they're sure her old college friend Alexis Norton killed her as she basically admitted so to Angie. Drew thanks Shiro for letting him know. Shiro is taken aback by his flippancy and tells him he doesn't have to be so cold all the time. The two begin to walk, but Drew stops suddenly, shuts his eyes and asks if she suffered. Shiro says he doesn't think it was drawn out. Drew says OK. The two then head back without talking.

That night, Drew eavesdrop on a conversation between Henry, Peter and Shiloh, and Drew then enters. He tells them Alexis killed his sister but she doesn't know he knows that, but it might make her take pity on him. He says he can find out what she's up to. Drew says they should send him in.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Shiro approaches Drew, who is not attending Annette's funeral. When asked why as it appeared he had liked Annette, he agrees she was one of the only people he found tolerable, but says funeral's aren't for the dead. On the subject of Drew departing Midway later that day to become a spy for the town in Victoria, Shiro insists Drew doesn't have to put his life on the line for them. Drew says he's doing it for Vicky. When Shiro asks if she would want her brother risking his life, Drew makes it clear that his mind is made up. Shiro walks away, telling Drew not to be surprised if it's his funeral next. Before he leaves, Shiro wishes him luck. Drew smiles and says thanks. On their way, Shiloh asks Drew if he's sure he's right to not be afraid of Alexis. Drew asks if they can walk in silence, which Donna seconds. Eventually, Drew parts ways with them and heads into the complex alone.

Unfortunately for Drew, Jenson informs Alexis that Drew is from Midway as he and Matt spotted him in the woods with Shiro several days earlier. Alexis realises they must be sending someone in to infiltrate them. She goes out to meet him and immediately has him taken prisoner. He is locked in a basement alongside Charlotte Layton and Bobby de Luca, former members of Peter's group. He spots them and rudely asks who they are.

Last OrdersEdit

After two days of being held captive, Bobby becomes uneasy. Drew tells Bobby to stop whining and to come up with a plan. Charlotte points out they have no weapons. Drew says he'll come up with something. Soon after, a meeting takes place in the complex as Alexis talks to Henry about the release of Drew. Charlotte is convinced something must be happening. Bobby wonders if something has happened, like an attack, or Michael's zombies have escaped from his lab. Drew says he hopes so. Charlotte points out there are good people in Victoria. Drew casually replies it's not his problem.

The meeting goes awry when Peter's ex-wife Lorna sneaks into the complex to kill Alexis, bringing dozens of zombies with her. Angie, Javier, Shiro, and Lydia-Jean break out the trio. Drew is then reunited with his sword thanks to Lydia-Jean and he assists Henry, Shiro, Aimi, and Rachel in shutting one of the open gates of Victoria. Drew and the others then witness the death of Sean, who was bitten after pushing a zombie away from Peter.

The StandEdit

Shiro asks Drew if he's going to say thank you for saving his life. Drew responds that he didn't ask him to. Later that night in Midway, Drew approaches Shiro, apologises for his coldness and thanks him. Shiro is taken aback, but accepts his apology.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Drew goes on a run with Javier, Jai, and Donna. Javier is dismayed at Jai and Donna's blood-thirst in taking out zombies when they don't need to. Drew remarks that they've lost it. Later, Drew attends Sean's funeral.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

Four months later, Drew joins a group heading on a supply-run to a warehouse. They arrive the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. Shiro and Drew are paired with Jeffery and Keith, the former of whom is hostile to Shiro. Soon after, zombies approach. Shiro and Drew take them out as the others watch. When Jeffery notices a moment between them, he calls them faggots. Shiro is enraged and a fight breaks out. Keith joins in to beat up Shiro. Drew fiercely tells them to stop, but when they refuse, he puts a sword through Keith's chest, killing him. Shiro knocks out Jeffery. A concerned Drew kisses Shiro. Drew says he is sorry, but Shiro says he's not and kisses Drew. After, they wonder what to do about the bodies when they hear more undead approaching. They decide to say they were killed by them.

When Shiro and Drew turn up alone, Jacquelyn demands an explanation. They say the dead killed Jeffery and Keith. Jacquelyn turns on the group and a shoot-out takes place. After Jacquelyn's group are wiped out, the survivors gather the food and return to Midway.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Peter's wife, Lorna, turns up at Midway, it's planned for her to lead Peter, Henry, and Aimi to meet Noah Ashby at his community so they can propose a trade to get medicine for Georgie. Aimi asks Drew to come along. He accepts even though he knows she asked him so she can get to know him better. When Aimi is almost bit by a zombie, Drew saves her. When Drew realises Aimi wants to give her the protective big sister talk, he assures her he likes Shiro a lot and doesn't intend on hurting him. He also says how his sister and father reacted negatively when he came out to them. He tells Aimi he's not opposed to the two of them getting to know each other. He says his favourite colour is green but when Aimi asks what his spirit animal is, he ends the conversation. The group later run into Noah, who seemingly agrees to negotiate with the group over information on Michael.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community, Shiro talks Drew into coming along, and tells him he needs to stop retreating from being part of the group. During the meeting, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the two groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Everyone scatters into different directions. Drew, Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Lorna, and Luke escape but are found again by Blaine, who fires at them. Shiro is mortified when Aimi is shot. After Blaine retreats, Shiro and the others gather around a seriously injured Aimi. Before she dies, Aimi says an emotional goodbye to the group. Aimi thanks Drew for making her brother happy. He tells her Shiro makes him happy and referring to their conversation the day before, Drew says if he had to pick a spirit animal it would be a wolf. Amused, she says he knew he had one. She passes away shortly after, much to Shiro's horror. Later, Henry gathers the residents of Midway and tells them they will kill Alexis for what she did. Soon after, Drew and Jai tell an upset Shiro, who is lying beside Aimi's body, that they're there for him.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after Aimi's death, Drew tells Peter he feels so useless and doesn't know what to say to Shiro. Peter says he needs to be there for him. Drew points out he can't if Shiro wants to distance himself. Soon after, Drew approaches Shiro in their hut and begs for him not to be pushed away. Shiro promises he won't. Drew asks if he can give him a hug. Shiro accepts. They embrace. During Aimi's funeral, Drew is troubled when Shiro refuses to give a speech and instead says he hopes everyone will join him in his quest to avenge Aimi. He says he intends to watch the life drain from Alexis's eyes for what she did and anyone who stands in his way will suffer the same fate.

Later, Shiro tells Drew he doesn't want a lecture. Drew says he understands his motivation and agrees Alexis has to pay, but he can't lose his head. Shiro says that's easy for him to say. Drew reminds him Alexis killed his sister too. Shiro says he loves him but he's going to do things his way. Drew is touched and points out he's never said that to him before. Drew says he loves him too.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Drew approaches Jai and asks if he can reach out to Shiro, who is standing on a bridge in Midway and refusing to come inside. Jai gives Shiro tough love and tells him while he has the right to grieve, he shouldn't push people away. Later, Drew notices Shiro conspiring with Lorna and asks what he was talking to her about but Shiro doesn't respond, and instead kisses Drew passionately. The two have sex. Little does Drew know, Shiro and Lorna have planned to leave for Victoria in the early hours to attack by themselves to give everyone else a chance. In order to stop Drew from raising the alarm, Shiro puts a sedative in Drew's drink.

Upon finally waking up the following day, Drew realises what Shiro has done and warns Henry. As Henry, Drew, Shiloh, Donna, Jai, and Rachel leave Midway, Jasmin rushes down and is questioned as to what the commotion up in Midway is all about. Bernadette and Elaine come down just as a bomb planted by Blaine detonates, destroying Midway and killing several residents. Henry is devastated. Bernadette reveals Jasmin has been working with Blaine. Henry shoots her in the chest. The survivors then leave for Noah's facility.

End of This PlaceEdit

The group lie low at the facility and rest overnight before leaving to finally confront Blaine and Alexis in Victoria. They attack and a deadly gunfight ensues. After Blaine and his group are wiped out, Shiro and Lorna reunite with the others. Drew embraces Shiro, relieved that he didn't get himself killed. Drew then heads back to Noah's facility alongside Shiro, Lorna, Peter, Henry, Jai, and Rachel.

Drew later scouts the area around Noah's facility to see if he can spot Angie, Charlotte, Shiloh, Javier, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean who failed to return from Victoria. He gives Henry the bad news that he saw no sign of them but did spot multiple hordes of undead.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Drew has killed:

  • An unnamed survivor.
  • Keith
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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