Name Eli Loche
Age Unknown
Date of
Gender Male
Running From The Dead
Dead Man's Trigger (Alive)
Now. Before. After. (Hallucination)
Profession Prison Inmate (pre-apocalypse)
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of
Shot in the heart with arrow
by Charlotte Layton
Ethnicity Caucasian
Running From The Dead
to Dead Man's Trigger
Don’t you get it, Lorna? Life’s a game. Always has been. Even before all of this. And now this world… the one we get to live in now… I’ve got an entire sandbox to play with. I can do anything and everything I want. Nothing is off-limits. There were always rules before… regulations… limits as to what I could or couldn’t do. Even in prison. Not anymore.

Eli Loche to Lorna Thompson on what motivates him to do what he does.

Eli Loche is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones and the first season's main antagonist. Despite a calm exterior and almost friendly personality, Eli has exhibited signs of being a psychopath who kills with little to no remorse. He has been known to kidnap complete strangers and play mind-games with them purely for his own amusement as he has always found life boring and therefore turns everything into a game to keep himself entertained.


Little to nothing is known about Eli's early life but at some point he was jailed and according to him he spent "many years" inside. What he was imprisoned for is currently unknown, but he mentioned that he worked at some sort of firm and took out people who "got in his way."

In prison, Eli became a leader and a force to be reckoned with. Many of his fellow inmates, including Amar, Sid, Donald and Terry, adhered to his beck and call and carried out favours in exchange for his protection. He also arranged the murder of Ivan Yankov, a prisoner who raped him.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


After the undead outbreak began, Eli and his followers as well as a number of other inmates including Javier Rodriguez, Richard, Callum and Bob, escaped prison. Eli took control of the group but when Javier and the others took issue with Eli's behaviour and leadership, he had all of them killed. He was unaware, however, that Javier survived.

At some point, Eli and his lackeys arrived in Summerlyn City.

Running From The DeadEdit

Eli makes his first appearance above the valley that Peter Thompson and his group decide to use for their new camp. He watches and observes them from afar, while they remain oblivious.


Eli makes his first speaking appearance upon invading a penthouse in Summerlyn City belonging to Victoria Franklin. An armed Eli makes his way inside and takes her and three of her friends at gunpoint. When Angie de Luca emerges from the stairway and notices what's going on, Eli greets her calmly and asks if she had a nice sleep. Jack Lucas begs Eli not to hurt them and tries to insist that they're good people. Eli makes it clear he won't hurt them and remarks that hurting them would be the last thing he would want to do, which Alexis Norton scoffs at. Angie uses the distraction to run away. Eli watches, without attempting to stop her. At that moment, Alexis jumps up and punches Eli in the face. He grabs her by the hair and makes it clear that if she touches him again, he'll pull her hair out. He punches her in the stomach and she falls to the floor, in agony. When Eli confesses to Jack that he's going to keep them alive because he'll enjoy toying with them, a winded Alexis calls him a bullshitter and says he's just one scared, pathetic, little man with a gun and that they'll be able to overpower him. Almost on cue, a scared Angie rushes back into the room and falls to the floor. Alexis watches in shock as it's revealed she was chased back by Eli's followers, who is smug to see the look on Alexis's face.

The following day, Eli keeps Angie, Jack, Victoria and Maddison Collins locked away in the master bedroom but decides to keep Alexis with him downstairs. He reveals he finds it astonishing at the lack of time it took for civilization to fall and that the government must have thought they were so secure, only for it to collapse in such a short space of time. Alexis tells Eli she's bored of listening to him and asks to be locked up with the others, as she doesn't understand why he wished to talk to her alone. He admits he wanted some time to pick her brain. Eli says he knows that Alexis isn't scared at all, in spite of the situation she is currently in. He tells her he can see it in her eyes and he knows that if he was to point his gun at her head, she wouldn't care. Alexis doesn't vocally confirm this, but she looks away, hinting that there is truth to what he's saying. Eli smiles and says "I guess that makes two of us."

Into The CityEdit

The following day, Eli has a discussion with Sid, Amar and Terry, where Amar reveals that Donald is unhappy with Eli's treatment of Angie and the other prisoners and has wondered if Eli has gone too far. This displeases Eli, who asks Amar to go and fetch Donald. Eli and Donald talk in private, where Eli asks Donald if protecting him in prison and outside since their escape has been in vain. Donald tries to assure Eli that he's grateful for everything. Eli then brings up the other inmates who escaped alongside them at the start of the outbreak, the ones he murdered, as if to remind Donald what happens to those who go against him. A frightened Donald clarifies that he is with Eli for good.

Later on, Eli visits the prisoners and informs them that he is going away for a few hours. Alexis asks why he thinks they give a shit about what he does. She then calls him a small, pathetic man with a superiority complex. This angers Eli, who grabs her by the face and pins her against the wall. Eli chokes Alexis and makes it clear that even though he's been nice to her up until now, his patience can only go so far. He asks if she understands and she hesitates for a while before caving in to his will. He then lets her go. She slides to the floor, coughing violently. Eli leaves and then tells his followers that he has somewhere he needs to be. He asks Donald if he can trust him with holding the fort alone. He's assured that he can. Eli then goes downstairs with Amar, Terry and Sid, but he tells Sid to hide and stay behind to keep an eye on Donald.

Shortly after, Eli stands in the middle of the street and greets Peter Thompson, Charlotte Layton and Shiro Kato as they arrive into the city. The trio raise their weapons and tell him to stay back. Eli tells them to put the weapons down, but they refuse. He then informs them they don't have any real say in the matter. Amar and Terry are then seen behind Peter, Charlotte and Shiro, with their guns raised. Eli smiles and tells the strangers they're going to have to come with him.

Upon returning to the penthouse, Eli was presumably informed about the prisoner's escape attempt and how Donald tried to assist them. Eli is seen sitting along in the dark. Donald enters and attempts to explain himself, but Eli tells him it's not necessary. He then reveals he had Amar go and fetch him a present. Just then, the elevator doors open and an undead woman makes her way to Donald, who attempts to hold her back. She eventually bites him in the arm and then in the knee. Donald falls to the floor as the zombie feasts on him. Eli sits calmly and does nothing as Donald begs for mercy.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

The day after Donald's death, Eli makes his way into the basement full of cells where Peter, Shiro and Charlotte were taken after being captured. He is shocked to see Terry knocked out and demands that he get up, but he doesn't respond. Eli then notices that Shiro is gone. He demands to know where he is, and Charlotte jokingly remarks that he checked out as he wasn't happy with the accommodation. Eli looks at the unconscious Terry with rage.

At the penthouse sometime after, Terry wakes up and attempts to explain himself to Eli. Eli tells him he's very disappointed but tells him there is a way Terry can make it up to him. Terry agrees to do anything and Eli reveals it's not a pleasant job as he, Amar and Sid didn't want to do it. He then says it involves Donald. Moments later, Terry opens the door to the master bedroom and tells the prisoners that he has a gift from Eli. He then throws in Donald's decapitated head, much to the horror of the survivors.

Later that night, Eli is taken by complete surprise when an armed Peter and Javier turn up at the penthouse to confront him. He is particularity stunned to see Javier alive. Javier explains that the bullets he fired at his friends missed him. Eli promises he won't make that mistake again, and Javier confirms that he won't as he's about to kill him. At that moment, Alexis and Angie arrive downstairs after breaking out and and upon seeing Peter holding Eli at gunpoint, Alexis raises Sid's gun and demands he lower his weapon as she wants to be the one to kill Eli. Peter is furious with her and Angie demands she back down, but she refuses. With the distraction he needs, Eli decides to make things fair and aims his gun at Alexis, resulting in a three way stand-off.


Peter and Alexis try to talk one another down, but they both refuse. Angie tries to sway Alexis to let Peter deal with Eli, but she's told to stay out of it. Javier joins the discussion and makes it clear that after hunting Eli for weeks, he has the right to kill him and nobody else. Eli sarcastically asks for someone to hurry up and put a bullet in him already.

With the stand-off still on-going, Javier tells Eli to back off and remarks that the conflict is between the two of them. Eli briskly turns and shoots Javier in the lower side, much to the shock of Peter, who refrains from retaliating as Alexis still has her gun aimed at him. At that moment, Bobby de Luca enters and breaks the news about the undead entering the building. The three parties all reluctantly agree to a ceasefire as it's the only way to avoid a pointless massacre from which nobody will benefit. Eli takes his leave, but not before promising Alexis and Peter that he'll see them soon.

Later on, Eli comes across a female zombie trapped underneath heavy shelving. He sits beside her and talks about his life and his time at his old firm and in prison and how he does what he does because he likes things done his way. Upon hearing Peter and the others moving around the building, Eli abandons his plan to lie-low and decides to fight his way out. He leaves, but not before thanking the zombie for the chat. Shortly after, Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him.

Alexis eventually tracks Eli down to a lobby, where he ambushes her and pins her to the floor. He gives her the opportunity to join him and tells her about all the fun they could have together in this new ruined world. She rudely refuses, so he takes back Sid's gun and climbs off of her as zombies enter the room. He then leaves the lobby and locks the door behind him, leaving Alexis to either fight for her life, or die.

Sometime after, Eli comes across Jack on top of the buildings garages. The two are prevented from climbing down and escaping due to a large horde of zombies below. Eli remarks that they need a distraction. He then pushes Jack from the garage and to the ground below, to his death.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Days after his escape from the penthouse, Eli arrives at a campsite ran by survivors Big Pete, Cassie and Joel, who treat him with apprehension and hostility. He tries to assure them that he means no harm, but Big Pete holds him at gunpoint and they demand to know what he wants with them. When they continue to suspect him, Big Pete whistles and calls out for Jesse. Just then, a young man jumps down from a nearby palm tree, grabs Eli from behind and puts a knife to his throat.

Eli continues to attempt to calm the strangers down. He tells them he has a safe base and that he approached them to try and see if they wanted to join his group. Big Pete and Jesse eventually back off and after more persuasion they agree to accompany Eli to check the place out. Jesse, however, remains wary.

Soon after, they arrive at the swimming center base. They eventually realise that Jesse has vanished. Jesse is then seen climbing a tree and making his way into the base alone, where he infiltrates the center and checks out Eli's people. He makes his way downstairs where he regroups with Eli and his friends. Cassie berates him for being sneaky, but Eli doesn't appear to be cross. He is instead seemingly impressed by his skills and asks for Jesse's help in tracking down Alexis and Victoria, whom he describes as friends. Jesse agrees to the favour.

Later that night, Eli checks on Big Pete, Cassie and Joel, who are incredibly grateful and in awe of the safe base. Upon bidding the trio goodnight, Eli leaves to chat with Amar and Sid and confides in them about Jesse, and how he could be a threat as he doesn't appear to be willing to join them. Just then, Jesse appears from out of no where. Big Pete, Cassie and Joel come over to welcome Jesse back. He then tells Eli that he found Alexis and Victoria and that the two are now living in a housing complex. Jesse becomes suspicious that Eli means the women harm, so he begs his friends to live with them as Eli cannot be trusted. When they refuse, Eli turns around and picks up his gun, when he turns back around, he finds Jesse to be absent. He is then seen sprinting from the compound and Big Pete remarks that he'll never be caught. Eli watches as Jesse flees.

Sometime after, Alexis and Victoria finish searching the housing complex and are in amazed by how lucky they are. They remain unaware that watching from the roof of a building from afar, is Eli.

Safe and SoundEdit

A few days following Jesse's escape, Big Pete, Cassie and Joel request a word from Eli. They ask if they had Jesse killed after he escaped from the base. Eli tells them he didn't as he would be long gone by now anyway. He then excuses himself as he has other business to attend to.

In the woods sometime later, Charlotte takes out a roaming zombie. She walks on and comes across another, who is shot by Eli. Charlotte raises her bow, but quickly lowers it upon spotting him. He says hello to her and says "you're late", hinting that their meeting was planned.

It's revealed that Charlotte has been working with Eli all along. She insists that they're done as she did what he asked and lured Peter's group into the city back when she first met them. Eli reminds her that she only managed to get Peter and Shiro there, and not any of the others. Charlotte demands that somebody close to her, whom Eli is holding hostage, be released back to her. Eli asks if she's sure, as she's having such a nice time in his care and his men have given her a seeing to. Enraged, Charlotte raises her bow at Eli, who backs down and assures her he was joking. Charlotte points out that they had a deal and Eli tells her they still do, but he requires something else of her. Charlotte refuses and demands to know why Eli can't leave Peter and the others alone, as they're good people. Eli tells her it's not up for negotiation. Charlotte threatens him and points out there's nothing stopping her from killing him and going to fetch her mother herself. Eli reminds Charlotte that he never goes anywhere alone and that her mother would be dead within minutes if she did anything to him. Charlotte tells him she despises him and he tells her to shut up so he can tell her what he expects of her next.

That night, Eli returns to the swimming center, where Amar welcomes him back. Amar asks how it went with Charlotte, and Eli responds that she didn't like what he had to say, but that she's going to do as she's told.

The Olive BranchEdit

In a flashback set four days before this epissode, the rest of the conversation between Eli and Charlotte from their meeting in Safe and Sound is shown. She makes it clear to Eli that she will not kill any of Peter's group. He orders her to shut up and discloses his plan to enter the camp in a few days time with some of his people and that none of them will have their weapons drawn. Charlotte is stunned by this and makes it clear he'll be shot on the spot, but then tells him to do it. Eli tells Charlotte that the visit will be an amicable one, or he'll plan for it to be anyway.

In the present, Eli goes ahead with his plan and enters the camp, where he is immediately treated with anger and is taken at gunpoint. Peter demands to know what Eli wants and things soon seem to be going badly, especially when it's revealed that Amar is the estranged and disgraced nephew of Jai Patil. Charlotte and Joy Maybell eventually help to cool tensions and Peter agrees to give Eli five minutes to explain what he wants.

Eli converses with Peter, Sean O'Hara, Shiro and Joy by the campfire. Shiro continues to treat Eli with fiery hostility. Peter attempts to calm things down, but also reminds Eli that their discussion is not going to be civil. It's quickly established that Eli has been watching not just them, but Alexis and the people at the housing complex as well. He also informs them that he's aware Victoria visited them the day previously and that she was killed later that same night. Eli stuns them further by revealing that Alexis let it happen. He then gives them the details of her death: how Alexis did nothing as she was grabbed and bitten by a zombie.

Joy points out Eli still hasn't explained why he has come to their camp. Eli reminds them that he has a strong camp and a safe-hold, somewhere much more secure than their camp. Eli proposes that they form an alliance and work together to swap and trade supplies. Joy tells Eli the group manage just fine on their own and he agrees and says his does too but that eventually and inevitably, Summerlyn and the other locations nearby will dry out. Peter shoots down Eli's proposition and explains that Eli's behaviour doesn't add up as he's the sort of man who kidnaps people for no reason and holds them hostage. He then reveals he's fully aware of what he did to Angie whilst she was his prisoner, including throwing in Donald's decapitated head when she and her friends tried to escape. Peter makes it clear to Eli he isn't going to have anything to do with him and his schemes. Eli tells Peter he's disappointed. Peter responds by coldly saying "cry me a river."

Eli offers Peter one more chance to take his offer of an alliance. Peter confirms he would agree to a truce if he truly believed Eli meant it, but he makes it clear he could never trust him after everything that's happened. Eli says he is disappointed but proposes the group stay out of each other's way, which Peter agrees with.

Suddenly, Jai shoots and kills Amar after he attempts to hold Peter's daughter Beatrice. Eli, who is enraged by the killing, is punched by Shiro, but he recovers quickly and punches him back in the chest. Peter intervenes and hits Eli to the floor. The two groups raise their weapons at each other. Joy tries to get everyone to stand down as they don't need a blood-bath, but Eli points out there already is one. Peter demands that Eli leave. He does so, but not before promising revenge.

In a concluding flashback, Charlotte's meeting with Eli in the woods is shown again where he tells her that he will offer Peter a chance to form an alliance, something Charlotte finds absurd as Peter will never agree to it. Eli reveals that he will still be given a choice. On the likely possibility of Peter turning down the proposition, Eli instructs Charlotte to persuade Peter to approach Alexis at her housing complex and arrange a meeting as he would like to turn up as he has something he would "like to share with them both." Eli asks Charlotte if she's prepared to do that, she replies that she doesn't have a choice. Eli corrects this with a smile and reminds her that there is always a choice.

A few hours after Eli's departure from camp, Charlotte does as she promised and plants the seed in Peter's head about going to Alexis for help in dealing with Eli. He tells her he'll think about it.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, Eli's plan is put into motion as Peter follows Charlotte's advice and plans a trip to Summerlyn to meet with Alexis over the threat Eli poses to both of them. Sometime before they leave, Eli finds a wandering Charlotte in the countryside and startles her. He asks if everything's still going to plan, and she confirms it is. Charlotte does however, ask for one small thing: if Eli decides to kill Peter and the others, he must spare young Beatrice. She then pleads with him not to kill her. Eli agrees, as long as Charlotte keeps up her end of the bargain, which she promises to do. Eli says "see you presently" as he departs.

Upon returning to the city, Eli gathers his people and attempts to talk them into attacking and killing Peter's people at their camp. Initially, the survivors are against the idea but Eli convinces them by stating that if they do not act first, it will be them who are attacked and killed. When Cassie doubts if they need killing, Eli reminds her of Jai's cold-blooded killing of Amar. Reluctantly, the group agree and are led away by Ken, with the exception of Joel, as Eli requests him to stay behind as he has another job for him.

During the meeting between Peter and Alexis outside her complex, Eli walks in alone and unarmed. All guns are raised and pointed at him, but it doesn't seem to startle Eli in the slightest. Eli is told not to try anything, and he assures them he won't, but he tells Charlotte she can now go as there's no need for her cover anymore. Her allegiance with Eli is then revealed to the stunned survivors. Charlotte explains that Eli has her mother and apologises for what she's done. Eli tells Charlotte the location of her mother. Before she leaves, Peter tells her if he sees her again, he'll kill her. Charlotte then departs.

Eli tells Peter and Alexis that he's offering them both a choice to surrender to him. This amuses the survivors, as Eli has no less than five guns directed at him. Flabbergasted, Peter asks Eli if he seriously thinks he's in a position to make demands for surrender. Eli smiles and says "absolutely." Alexis tells Eli he must be the most deluded person she's ever met if he truly thinks he has any sort of power. Peter agrees, and asks if he's been overestimating Eli's intelligence all this time. Eli is quick to prove them wrong and tells Alexis if she and her people fail to surrender to him, a bomb he planted underground nearby will detonate, destroying and killing her safe-base. Alexis doesn't believe him, and states she would have seen him bury the bomb. Eli whistles and a small bomb explodes nearby, much to the shock of Alexis and the other survivors. Eli points out that Alexis and her people didn't see that smaller bomb being buried. Eli then tells Peter that if he and his group fail to surrender, then Lorna, his wife, will be executed. As he makes his throat, Joel walks a worse for wear Lorna into the scene. Peter is horrified. He asks about Milo, but drops it when Eli appears confused. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts. He tells the group to meet him at Ludovico's, a restaurant a few minutes South of Victoria. He smiles, and tells them they have three hours.

It's revealed in a separate scene that Eli has double-crossed Charlotte, as when she arrives at the shack, she finds her mother as a zombie.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

Later, at the swimming center base, Eli approaches Sid and asks if he's ready. Sid replies "Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?" Eli then pays a visit to a tied up Lorna, who tells him to shut up when he asks how she is, as she's sick of his pretending to be concerned act. When Lorna asks Eli why he doing all of this, Eli admits that it's due to boredom and that he spent his entire life being bored, and so he came up with numerous ways to entertain himself. He then says that manipulating and lying to relatives, tearing his family apart, climbing his way up the corporate ladder, taking out people who got in his way and cost him money, and becoming someone to be feared and respected in prison were all nothing but games to him.

Eli admits none of it has been easy, and says he had a hard time in prison to begin with, especially with an inmate called Ivan Yankov, whom Eli describes as a beast of a man in a literal and figurative sense. Eli tells Lorna that Ivan had fun with him and beat him about. Lorna cruelly responds that she hopes Ivan fucked him good. Eli smiles and confirms he did, but that he understood, as it was Ivan's game to play. Eli then explains that he just happened to play better and by bribing a life-serving inmate with nothing to lose, Ivan's throat was slit as he slept. It couldn't be proven that Eli was responsible, but it got him the respect he felt he earned.

Lorna watches in silence as Eli explains "Don’t you get it, Lorna? Life’s a game. Always has been. Even before all of this. And now this world… the one we get to live in now… I’ve got an entire sandbox to play with. I can do anything and everything I want. Nothing is off-limits. There were always rules before… regulations… limits as to what I could or couldn’t do. Even in prison. Not anymore." Lorna asks why he's picked on her and family and friends, and Eli reveals that Peter is the type of man who gets on his wick. He calls Peter forgettable and utterly unremarkable and says he plans to break him and the other survivors, and if they make it through, they'll thank him for it. Sid then walks in and tells Eli "it's time." Eli goes to make his leave, but as he does, Lorna points out that he's going to walk into a building alone and unarmed in front of Peter and the others, and that they're going to kill him. With a smile, Eli turns to Lorna and says "Oh, Lorna, precious sweetheart, you still don’t understand, do you? That’s what I’m counting on."

Inside the restaurant, the group discover that Eli has decked out the interior with candles and has lined up some chairs. He insists they sit down and join him as he's unarmed and alone. Everyone but Sean does so. The group ask where his men are and Eli responds that he no longer has any need for them. He also tells Peter that Lorna is fine and she will remain so all the while things remain amicable and the same could be said for Alexis's town. Eli is taken aback when Alexis informs him that the bomb has been found and is being dealt with. Eli then asks her why she's not taking action against him now that he no longer has any hold over her. She admits it's a good question and climbs to her feet. Peter and the others stand as well and tell her to back down as Lorna's life is still at stake. When Alexis refuses and states it's not her problem, Angie hits her across the face with her bat, flooring her.

Eli is amused by all the dramatics. Peter demands to know where Lorna is but when Eli simply smiles in response, Javier loses his temper and kicks Eli from his chair. Peter attempts to calm Javier down, but he poses the point that with none of Eli's men around, how will they even know about Eli's death? He states that they can kill Eli and save Lorna as well. Alexis agrees with Javier, but Shiro tells her to shut up. Eli announces to the group that in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would be aware if he was to be killed thanks to the wonders of technology. The group are confused. Eli explains that his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal to Sid should his heart stop beating. Peter thinks it's bullshit. Eli grins and asks "prepared to take the risk?"

Peter accuses Eli of lying, who promises Peter he isn't. Sean asks how a watch connecting to a device across the city could even be possible, but Angie, who worked at a computer software company before the apocalypse, confirms that it is. Just then, Aimi and Jenson approach Eli from behind. Alexis screams at Jenson to pull the trigger. He does so, but Peter saves Eli's life by tackling him to the group. An amused Eli jokes and says "Oh, Peter, I never knew you felt this way." Sean screams at Aimi to take Jenson out before he can take another shot. Aimi is confused, but pulls Jenson back and ruins his aim, much to Alexis's anger.

The group agree to take Eli hostage until they can save Lorna and confirm she's alive. Eli is excited by the idea. Enraged, Javier asks Peter if he can be the one to kill Eli once Lorna's safe, as he wants to make it slow. As Eli replies to Javier about his anger, he is shot in the upper chest by an arrow, much to the shock of the group. Eli collapses to the ground, causing Alexis to smile. It's revealed that Charlotte, who is standing above the group on a balcony, is responsible. She is confused to see Peter furious by her actions and she's deeply shocked and horrified to discover she's endangered Lorna. Jai tries to keep Eli alive, but he tells Peter there's nothing he can do. Before he dies, Eli tells the group the location of Lorna: the basement prison. He then passes away.

Later, it's revealed that Eli lied about the identity of the prisoner in danger. When Peter finds his dead relative later that night, it's not Lorna as expected, but Milo, his son.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Some hours after Eli's death, Charlotte returns to the restaurant and sets Eli's body on fire, as she stated she needed to see him burn.

All That's Left Is DeathEdit

Eli appears in this episode as Lorna hallucinates him haunting her. Throughout the episode, he appears and taunts and bullies her, bringing up her insecurities and her guilt.

Trouble BrewingEdit

Eli once again appears as a hallucination to Lorna as she continues to be haunted by him. He observes as she spies on Victoria from afar. She gets angry and upset when he brings up Beatrice.

The StandEdit

As Lorna hunts for Alexis in her compound, Eli accompanies her as a hallucination. He urges and goads her into killing Alexis, but she refrains. He later congratulates her with glee after she murders Michael.

No DemocracyEdit

After waking from a coma after being shot, Lorna once again hallucinates Eli as she makes preparations to escape from Noah Ashby's facility, where she is being held. After Lorna is successful in escaping and arrives at Midway, Eli corrupts her memories of her wedding with Peter and appears as the reverend delivering the ceremony.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Lorna, who is sitting alone, once again hallucinates Eli's presence. He goads and cruelly teases her, and says she has no real intention of ever committing herself to Peter and Beatrice again and so she's giving them false hope. Lorna denies this. Eli smiles and says she will hurt Peter more than what he ever did.

End of This PlaceEdit

After Lorna allows herself to be a member of the group once again, she begins to talk to herself and says that Eli is not there and never was but she made herself see him and talk to him as she was terrified of being alone whilst at the same time being around good people wasn't a good idea as she was violent and wanted to lash out. She says Eli was useful for that as he kept her angry and determined. She says she has to stop now.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Eli has killed:


  • Eli has appeared in fifteen episodes, five of these as a hallucination.
    • He only appeared in odd numbered episodes in season two.
  • Out of the main characters Eli met Javier, Charlotte, Lorna, Angie, Alexis, Victoria, Peter, Shiro, Bobby, Jai, Joy, Sean, Georgie, Henry and Blaine before his death.
  • He has a habit of trying to assure his victims that he is a "friend" upon first meeting them.
  • He has caused the death of more people than any other main character in the series, with a total of nineteen known confirmed kills.
  • Eli was the second main character to die.
  • Despite the large amount of people he killed, he was only ever seen killing one zombie.
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