Name Henry Jones
Age 46
Date of
August 22nd, 1968
Gender Male
Not So Sleepy Hollow
Profession Unknown
Family Karen Jones (wife, deceased)
Shiloh Jones (son)
Louise Jones (daughter, deceased)
Joey Jones (son, deceased)
Ben (Pet)
Elaine (Girlfriend)
Status Alive
Ethnicity African-American
Not So Sleepy Hollow to present
Elaine knows. Nobody else. Maybe what happened yesterday was just inevitable. Maybe it was punishment for what I did. It was cowardly… something I’d never condone. I know Clifford had his faults, but he was a good man once upon a time. Had his demons. Just like Sean. I messed up with him, too.

Henry Jones opening up to his son Shiloh Jones about his biggest regrets.

Henry Jones is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is the husband to Karen Jones and in the first season appeared as a member of the original group who was useful for his skill with weapons and for being a brilliant strategist. After the loss of his wife, Henry went missing. He returned in season two, where it was revealed he reunited with his son Shiloh, whom he wrongly thought was dead, and he become the leader of Midway, a role he kept for several months until its destruction.


Little is known about Henry's early life or what he did before the apocalypse but it can be assumed that he met and married Karen and had three children with her: Shiloh, Louise and Joey. They also owned Ben, a Siberian Husky.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


During the early days of the outbreak, Henry and his family were hiding at home. A glass got smashed and lured the undead inside. Henry was forced to flee and drag Karen from the house after Louise and Joey were killed. Shiloh ran inside to save his siblings. Henry waited for almost an hour for Shiloh to emerge. Eventually, the undead surrounding the car became too many and he was forced to drive away. Shiloh was still alive. Sometime after, Henry and Karen took refuge in a school where they looked after a large group of children. Henry was on a supply run when a girl wandered off and got bit, causing the entire school to get overrun. Only Henry, Karen, and Ben managed to escape.

After a few days the couple were left dehydrated and starving. They had the luck of stumbling upon Ollie Graham and his group, who took them in. Henry, Karen, and Ben remained with Ollie, Aimi and Shiro Kato, Jai Patil, Joy Maybell and Georgie Rutherford over the next few weeks. Eventually, the survivors heard that the town of Winterhodge Hollow was safe. Ollie decided to lead the group there.

Not So Sleepy HollowEdit

Henry and the rest of the group arrive in Winterhodge Hollow just in time to see the town fall at the hands of the undead, leaving them with no choice but to take refuge in the library. Henry and Karen watch as Peter Thompson and Sean O'Hara run into the building for safety. Ollie welcomes them.

Fight For SurvivalEdit

As the group get acquainted with Peter and Sean, Henry and Karen tell the story of how they took refuge in a school. Shortly after, Henry witnesses an argument between Ollie and Shiro, when the latter takes issue with Peter and Sean joining the group. Henry defends Ollie. The following morning, Henry says he might have an idea. Shortly after, the group begin to carry out Henry's plan. Sean shoots zombies from the roof while the rest of the survivors pile out in small groups. Henry, Karen, and Ben are the first outside and the first to make it to Peter's house where they meet his wife Lorna.

Minutes later, the rest of the survivors arrive. Aimi reveals Ollie was killed. Henry blames himself and states that splitting up was a mistake. Just then, Georgie reunites Peter and Lorna with their missing son, Milo. The moment of happiness is ruined when Shiro raises a gun at Joyce Evans, upon discovering she was bit. Lorna, determined to protect her friend, takes Peter's gun and aims it at Shiro.

Every Inch Of LifeEdit

Peter manages to get Shiro and Lorna to see reason. As the group rest during the night, Henry asks Karen if she's all right as being around Milo and Beatrice must prove difficult for her. Henry hugs his wife and tells her it wouldn't make her weak to admit it affects her. The following day, Henry approaches Sean about the dead zombies outside and suggests burning them. That evening, Henry discusses Joyce with Peter, Shiro, and Sean on the porch and when Aimi comes outside and insists on going back to library to take out Ollie in case he turned. Peter and Shiro go along with her while Henry and Sean take the opportunity the burn the bodies. Sometime later, Henry welcomes the trio home, where Aimi has brought Ollie's body back. She tells Henry she thought it would be for the best and he agrees it will be nice to give him a burial so people can pay their respects.

The AcornEdit

Henry joins the rest of the group as they attend a joint burial for Ollie and Joyce and her husband Gilbert. Sometime after, the survivors leave the Thompson family home and move into Joyce's house for the night because of its size and amount of supplies.

Running From The DeadEdit

On the survivors first night at the house, Sean set fire to his local pub which attracted a large number of undead to town. Henry helps defend the house. The group make the decision to leave Winterhodge and head out to the country. Sometime after, Lorna asks Karen if she'd watch Beatrice. Karen declines shortly and walks away. Henry apologises and chases after his troubled wife. Henry makes it clear Karen needs to stop punishing herself for what happened. When it becomes clear Karen is still traumatised the incident at the school, Henry offers for the two of them to leave the group as he suspects being around Milo and Beatrice is what is proving difficult for her. Karen refuses and calls the conversation to an end. Later that afternoon, the group depart. After a few hours on the road, the group stop in a clearing in a woods overnight. Karen stares idly at a lake. Henry approaches and promises her he will help her through her trauma.

The following morning, the group continue on. Karen reveals she's going to travel on the back of the truck in order to get some fresh air. She is somewhat dismayed to discover Milo will be riding along with her. Henry tells Karen that Milo is a good kid and that she'll like him. She says that's what she's worried about. After a few hours, the group drive into a large horde of undead, who try to grab Karen, Milo, and Ben at the back of the truck, as Lorna and Henry watch helplessly from the front. Henry watches in horror as Karen expresses her love for him and jumps from the truck. She allows the zombies to devour her in order to save Milo and allow the truck to get away. Lorna takes the opportunity as Henry screams hysterically for his doomed wife.

Peter and the rest of the survivors arrive at their new camp but are left deeply worried when Henry, Lorna, Milo, and Ben fail to turn up.


Peter searches desperately to find his missing family and Henry but has no luck. He locates the car they were last seen in. He is devastated when it reveals nothing on how or why they disappeared.

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

Henry returns in this episode as Donna and his son Shiloh, whom he recently reunited with, bring Georgie and Beatrice back to Midway, a town on the rooftop of an old mall that Henry is now in charge of. Georgie and Henry are thrilled to see each other. Henry makes it clear to her that he will find Peter and the others. Henry introduces her to the chef Annette. Georgie then confides in Henry over Joy's death. Henry tells her Joy died so she and Beatrice could live. Georgie bombards Henry with questions including the whereabouts of Lorna and Milo and how Shiloh is alive. After having all her questions answered, Georgie is slightly overwhelmed. Shiloh interrupts and informs Henry they have found Drew, he then leaves to get him as Henry excuses himself for a moment. Shiloh and Donna bring Drew inside, who makes it clear he didn't want to come back but that they made him. Henry tells Drew he's a part of the community. Henry asks Shiloh to show Georgie and Beatrice to a bed. Georgie thanks Henry and says she always thought he was lucky to have Karen, but now she thinks she was just as lucky to have him. This touches Henry, who smiles as she leaves.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The morning after, Henry tells Georgie he, Shiloh, and Donna are leaving for her old camp to find their missing friends. On their way, Henry scolds Shiloh for a game he and Donna play when taking out the undead. He says even though they have no choice but to kill them, they at least deserve to be taken out with haste and dignity. He points out Karen could likely be one now and if she was, he wouldn't find it funny. Shiloh storms off.

Aimi and Jai hug Henry as he arrives at their camp. He then tells Peter that Georgie and Beatrice are back at his camp. Henry then introduces Shiloh and Donna. Henry begins to talk about the day Karen died, but Shiloh is annoyed as Henry dodges the fact she committed suicide. He assures him she never would have done it had she known he was alive, but he walks away. Henry explains Karen and Shiloh had a bond, and it affected him knowing how close he was to seeing her again. He moves on and talks about the day he lost Karen, and how Lorna was right not to pull the truck over. Eventually, Lorna forgot her way to the camp. They agreed to camp for the night, but when Henry returned after collecting firewood he saw Eli bundling Lorna and Milo into a car. Henry was forced to flee. Peterexcuses himself and walks away. Jai then explains to Henry that the girls stumbled upon a zombified Karen a few days before. Henry looks over to the spot where they buried her.

Soon after, Peter apologises for walking away. Henry promises Peter he did everything he could to look for Lorna and he eventually found Midway and ended up taking over. He says the biggest surprise was finding Shiloh. Henry then claims he made it his top priority to track down Eli. They found his base in Summerlyn and invaded there the night everything went down. Henry explains there were no prisoners alive but Lorna who discovered everything about Eli's plan. Henry explains Lorna joined him in Midway and drew a map detailing how to get to the survivors camp. Henry sent Shiloh and Donna immediately as he rightfully feared Eli had sent people there. Lorna left Midway quickly and all she told Henry was that she was going to the place where she's never been happier. This gives Peter an idea on where to find her. Henry offers him to join him, but Peter asks him to escort everybody to his camp. The two hug and apologise to each other for their losses. Before he goes, Henry warns Peter Lorna has changed.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy as Henry, Aimi, Shiro, Javier, Sean, Shiloh, and Donna stand in quiet reflection. After, Henry lingers behind to say "Goodnight, Karen. I love you sweetheart", as she is buried next to Joy. The entire group then leave for Midway sometime after.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Once arriving at Midway, Henry welcomes Shiro, Aimi, Jai, Sean, and Javier to the safe-town. Henry is welcomed home by Elaine, who hugs him affectionately. He introduces them to the others. Henry worries his old friends are judging him for being with somebody else so soon after losing Karen. Jai assures him it's not the case. Georgie appears and she and Beatrice have a joyful reunion with the group. Henry tells them all to go and get some sleep. As they leave, Henry tells Waylon his old friends are good people, strong fighters, and will make great additions to the community. Donna turns up and demands to know why Dwayne was sent alone to monitor the complex in Summerlyn City. Henry explains that it was Dwayne's idea. Later that night, Henry is approached by Elaine. She mentions she thought his old friends being around would ease his mind. She realises they remind him of Karen. Henry apologises, but Elaine insists its natural as they were married for over twenty years. She heads back to bed, making Henry feel guilty.

Sometime after, Henry and the other residents are awakened when Dwayne inadvertently lures a horde of zombies to the town. Henry hurries down to assist. After the threat is disposed of, everybody heads back upstairs. The following morning, Henry welcomes Peter and Angie when they arrive. Henry discovers from Rachel about several of the survivors going out to get drunk the night before. He gathers them and scolds them, calling their behaviour counter-productive and idiotic. When Shiloh and Donna argue back, Henry makes it clear he won't tolerate disrespect. He walks away, telling the group to get their priorities straight. Later, Henry has a catch-up with Peter and Angie, where he informs them Charlotte is in Victoria and Bobby is with her. Angie is adamant they go and get him. Henry tells her about the fight between Dwayne and Jenson and suggests they wait a while. Angie is reluctant to agree. Henry also asks them to keep this news to themselves.

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Angie asks Henry to tell Javier about Bobby and Charlotte. Henry refuses. She asks Peter for back-up, but he sides with Henry. Soon after, Angie tells them Javier has left town and says where to find him. They ask if she wants to come. She tells them it might be best if it's just the two of them, as she intends to go and find Bobby with Jai. On their way, Henry asks Peter about Javier and mentions he knows he was in prison and how it makes you wonder. Javier, having overheard, tells them he's going his own way. When Peter and Javier bicker, Henry tries to cool tensions. Later, Angie and Jai arrive and confess where they've been, much to their annoyance. Angie calls them hypocrites and says they would do something if the people they loved were in the complex. They see her point and decide to return to Midway.

Elaine welcomes them back. She asks Henry where he's been and when he says it's personal, she walks away, infuriated. Henry remarks to Peter that he's in the dog-house.


Angie, who has just discovered Drew is the brother of Vicky Franklin, gathers Henry, Peter, Aimi, Sean, Jai, and Javier to discuss if they should tell Drew that Alexis Norton, the leader of Victoria, killed her. It's decided they should. Peter, Henry and Aimi later find Shiro and convince him to break the news to Drew. Henry soon gets the word that Annette has passed away in her sleep. He goes to the scene alongside Felicia, Penny and Rachel. Henry tells Peter he needs to sit Sean down and tell him. But Sean turns up and spots the look on their faces. Felicia reveals Annette was diagnosed with cancer a few years previously. Sean is upset as well as furious with Annette for not telling him. His emotional state worsens and he leaves for Midway and heads to the local pub. Later, Henry tells Elaine Annette's the first person they've lost since "what happened with Clifford," the leader of Midway before him. Henry hugs Elaine, and tells her he's so happy to have her.

That night, Shiloh interrupts a conversation between Henry and Peter and reveals he spotted two men spying on them earlier. They figure out they were Alexis's men. Drew enters and says Alexis killed his sister but she doesn't know he knows and it might make her take pity on him. He suggests going in as a spy to find out what she's up to.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Henry delivers a speech at Annette's funeral. Sean gatecrashes and refuses to leave in. Jai eventually knocks him out to stop the situation from escalating. Sometime after, Peter pleads with Henry to give Sean the benefit of the doubt. Henry says he now has a lot of angry people to deal with and he can't afford hostility among his people. He tells Peter Sean has one more chance. Later, Shiloh and Donna reveal Drew was taken prisoner by Alexis after entering the complex. Picking a wrong time to come in, Sean enters, but Henry and Shiloh rudely tell him to go away. When Sean stays put, Henry makes it clear he's not listening after how Sean behaved. He then calls him a buffoon and a joke who will get people killed. Sean is furious. The two have an argument, where Sean makes it clear Henry can't keep people safe. Henry retorts that at least he has people to protect. Sean replies "You have. But not Karen, eh?" Henry punches Sean, who stumbles to the floor. Henry tells him he has to leave Midway.

Henry also appears in a flashback in this episode during the early days of the apocalypse on the day Zahra became separated from the group.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days later a meeting is planned with Alexis to discuss Drew. Peter has a talk with Henry and implores him to give Sean another chance. Shiloh is angered by this. A fed up Henry, who has grown tired of his son's attitude, kicks him out. After he leaves, Henry says if the meeting goes well and if Sean turns up the following day sober and says sorry then he will be allowed to return. Peter tells Henry he's disputing whether to tag along as leaving Beatrice again doesn't feel right. Henry says the choice is his, but he would feel more comfortable as he knows Alexis. Peter agrees. Once inside Victoria, Henry cuts right to the chase and makes it clear he wants Drew.Henry takes responsibility and says sending Drew in was his mistake. Lorna turns up and explains she has come for Alexis because contributed towards the death of Milo. It's revealed Lorna opened one of the gates and let a group of undead free from Michael's lab, causing the community to be overrun. Henry and the others assist in dealing with the situation.

They then witness the arrival of Sean who saves Peter, but he is bitten in the chest. They all watch with sadness as Sean begs to be put of his misery. Henry goes to comply by raising his gun, but Sean shouts that he hasn't earned the right, causing Henry to lower his gun and look away in sadness. Jai shoots Sean in the head soon after.

The StandEdit

Henry tells Peter he might not have got along with Sean over the past week, but he was a good man and he's sorry for Peter's loss. Henry, Peter, Angie, and Shiro decide to stay behind to stop Lorna and smooth things over with Alexis. Shiloh offers to stay behind but Henry tells him he's needed in Midway. Henry then witnesses the murder of Michael at the hands of Lorna after he compares her to Eli.

Once back at Midway, Henry introduces himself to Charlotte and tells her to follow him as there's someone he thinks she needs to speak to. He then calls Peter to his quarters, and he is angry to see her, as he blames her for Milo's death as she murdered Eli which led Milo to be killed in retaliation.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Henry intervenes in a heated exchange between Peter and Charlotte and calls them to his quarters to talk it out. Henry implores Peter to realise Charlotte was just as much of a victim of Eli's as he was. Peter is initially dismissive, but comes around. Henry says the past few days has taught him that everyone needs to stick together in spite of differences. Later, Henry speaks at Sean's funeral. He says he was wrong to act the way he did and should have been more understanding. Henry tells the group it can't just be his say on how things are run and that the community should make decisions together. He then says to Sean that he is sorry they never got to make amends.

That night, Henry asks Peter what he thinks Midway should do going forward. With winter imminent, they decide to build huts as sleeping quarters with materials from a nearby construction site. Henry exclaims that Midway is moving up in the world.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Four months later and Midway has grown substantially. Henry asks Angie and Javier if either of them have seen Elaine. They haven't. Henry asks Rachel, who says she hasn't either but he should ask Dwayne as his shift ended an hour ago. Elaine later turns up from a walk. Henry tells Elaine he was worried, but she says there was no need as she always comes back safe. She tells him their food shortage problem is about to be over, as she has found a warehouse full of food.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Peter prepares to take a group out to collect the food from the warehouse. Henry says he hates sitting out and wishes he was going with them. Peter jokes he should let his minions do the hard work. Henry tells Calvin he's worried and asks when does anything that seems as good as all that food come without a cost. Later, the group return and Peter tells Henry there was indeed a cost: a rival group they were forced to wipe out.

No DemocracyEdit

Shiloh approaches Henry and asks if he's seen Elaine as she was supposed to be on dish washing duty with Penny but never showed up. Shiloh remarks she must be off on one of her walks. When Henry asks if he has something to say, Shiloh says he doesn't trust her. Henry tells him it doesn't matter if he doesn't as he's not the one in a relationship with her. Shiloh says Elaine grew very close to Clifford, the leader before him. Henry makes it clear to Shiloh he has a right to express how he feels but that will do now. Shiloh leaves after telling Henry to keep an eye on her.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Henry and Shiloh argue after looking for Elaine, who hasn't returned from a walk. Shiloh says it's suspicious she goes out constantly. Shiloh remarks maybe she has found what she was looking for. Henry is furious and says he can be a piece of work. Shiloh remarks that's rich coming from the man who got into relationship just days after his wife died. Henry points out it was Karen who left him by taking her own life. Shiloh says he can see why. Henry is enraged and says he is ashamed to have Shiloh as a son. He storms off. Henry then runs into Peter and they talk about Lorna, who has arrived at Midway.

Lorna fills Peter and Henry in on Noah's community. Lorna suggests they come up with an agreement with them as they have plenty of food they could trade with medicine for Georgie. Elaine then returns, and Henry, having sensed she is upset, tells her he will give her space but they will talk about this. Soon after, Henry gives permission for Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel to stay at Midway after they escaped from Victoria. Lorna then leads Henry, Peter, Aimi, and Drew to Noah's complex. When Peter and Lorna bicker, Henry says he's not excusing her behaviour as it's just as despicable for Lorna to abandon Beatrice as it was for Karen to abandon him but people respond to trauma differently. Noah comes across the group and holds them at gunpoint. Peter says if he wants information on Michael then they may be able to help as Charlotte worked with him on a few of his experiments. Noah lowers his gun.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Before Henry and the survivors leave for an official meet with Noah and his community, Henry shares his concerns with Calvin, and wonders whether Noah can be trusted. Calvin makes it clear he and the others will be going regardless, causing Henry to relent. Soon after, Elaine apologises for her odd behaviour and makes it clear she will not go out wandering anymore. During the meeting, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the two groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Everyone scatters into different directions. Henry grabs his son and gets him to safety. Still angry with his father for their previous arguments, Shiloh is resentful of his help and stubbornly tries to walk, but falls over. Henry tends to his leg.

Later, Henry and Shiloh stumble upon Jai, Shiro, and several others and are saddened to discover Aimi has been killed. After going to Noah's facility and regrouping with the others, Henry's group breaks the news to Peter and Javier that Aimi is dead. Shiloh thanks Henry for saving him. That night, Henry gathers the residents of Midway and angrily tells them all about what happened. He says that tomorrow they will mourn their dead. An angry Georgie asks what they're going to do after. Henry says they will kill Alexis. Henry later tries to reach out to a sad Donna, who is reeling after Dwayne's death, but she brushes him off.

Significant SayonoraEdit

The day after the ambush, Calvin and Dwayne are buried. The following day, it's Aimi's turn. After reflecting on how Aimi was so kind and welcoming to him after he first met Ollie's group, he speaks at her funeral and says Aimi kept her morals, integrity, generosity, and kindness in spite of how much the world has changed. He says that's a feat none of them have entirely managed and they should all take a leaf out of her book. Henry asks Shiro if he would like to say something, but he refuses and instead lets everyone know his intentions to kill Alexis for what she did. That night, Henry is woken by Peter and Georgie, the latter of whom reveals she was being taught how to shoot by Donna before she ran off to lead a horde. Henry puts two and two together and realises she intends to take the zombie horde to Victoria to attack the town.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Peter and Henry discuss what to do about Donna's attack on Victoria and ultimately and begrudgingly decide to honour her wishes and not send anybody after her. When she eventually returns home, Henry tells her he should have got his approval, but hopes she did a thorough job. The following night, Henry admits to Elaine he's scared that they might lose the impending fight with Alexis and Blaine. The next morning, Henry, who is unaware that Blaine has set a bomb underneath Midway that is about to blow, decides to get a group together to go to Noah's to come up with a plan on attacking Victoria. He then discovers from Drew that Shiro and Lorna left to attack Victoria by themselves during the night.

As Henry, Shiloh, Donna, Jai, Drew, and Rachel leave Midway, Jasmin rushes down and is questioned as to what the commotion up in Midway is all about. Bernadette and Elaine come down just as the bomb detonates, destroying Midway and killing Waylon, Mark, Felicia, Penny, Dolly, and Daniel. Henry is devastated. Bernadette reveals Jasmin is responsible and she has been working with Blaine. Jasmin attempts to explain herself, but Henry, uninterested, shoots her in the chest and walks towards his town. He collapses to his knees, and only comes to when Elaine tells him they have to go. The survivors then leave for Noah's facility.

End of This PlaceEdit

Henry is furious when Noah refuses to help attack Victoria and get his people involved in the conflict. Peter goes to Diego and successfully gets him to persuade Noah to participate. During the night as the group rest before they move out to attack, Henry and Shiloh bump into each other in the bathroom. Shiloh apologises for the loss of Midway and says he knows it meant everything to him. Henry disputes this and says it wasn't everything. He says he's relieved he still has him, Elaine, and the people they are closet to but the loss of the most innocent people will stay with him forever. He admits he never thought he had the right to call Midway his and confesses that he killed the former leader, Clifford, who was a violent, impulsive, foul-tempered racist, by pushing him off the roof while he was drunk. Henry says he's telling Shiloh as he has no right to demand respect while keeping something like that from him. Shiloh assures him that while what he did wasn't noble, him taking over Midway was the best thing that ever happened to it and he led with dignity and compassion and for that he will always be proud. The two hug.

The following morning, the group head to Victoria and attack. After a deadly gunfight in which Jai and Claire are wounded, Henry and Noah's people come out on top. Henry orders everyone re-group at Noah's. Shiloh tells Henry he is waiting for Charlotte to free a prisoner and they will be right behind him. However, they fail to turn up at Noah's facility later alongside Angie, Diego, Bobby, Lydia-Jean, and Javier, much to Henry's worry. Elaine and Peter attempt to reassure him that they will find their way to the facility once the hordes of undead disperse.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Henry has killed:


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