Name Javier Rodriguez
Age 29
Date of
October 30th, 1984
Gender Male
Every Man Wants To Rule
The World
Profession Prison Inmate (pre-apocalypse)
Family Ramon Rodriguez (Father, deceased)
Lola Rodriguez (Mother, deceased)
Miguel Rodriguez (Brother, deceased)
Vicente Rodriguez (Uncle)
Gloria Rodriguez (Aunt, deceased)
Rosa Rodriguez (Cousin, deceased)
Natalia Rodriguez (Cousin, deceased)
Marco Rodriguez (Cousin, deceased)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Hispanic
Every Man Wants To Rule
The World
to present
You’ve heard about me, I see? I’m the criminal… the prisoner. You think I’m some sort of monster who might slit your throat if you fuck with me? I’m a good man. Or at least I try to be, amigo. My past is exactly that. You shouldn’t judge.

Javier Rodriguez to Shiloh and Donna about his past and the man he is today.

Javier Rodriguez is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. Despite being a convict who was in prison at the time of the outbreak, Javier has been shown to be a brave, kind and charismatic survivor, but also a vengeful one, as he spent weeks hunting his former inmate, Eli Loche, for the murder of his friends. Upon joining the main group of survivors, Javier has formed solid friendships and become a dependable ally, having grown closest to Bobby and harbouring romantic feelings for Angie.


Javier was born to Ramon and Lola Rodriguez in Mexico. He had a younger brother, Miguel.

His father was involved in a life of crime alongside his brother Vicente Rodriguez. Ramon was shot and murdered at the family home by an unknown assailant after an argument with Lola. A young Javier rushed downstairs briefly and saw his dying father on the floor. Moments after he ran upstairs, his father passed away.

After Ramon's death and Vicente was banished from the family, Javier became the man of the family and helped support his mother, brother, Aunt Gloria and his cousins. He eventually got a good job and also aided his family financially. After losing said job, Javier became desperate and paid a visit to his Uncle Vicente. Javier seeks his Uncle's help in teaching him how to steal and modify cars, like he and his father used to do. Vicente refuses and tells his nephew to stay clear of a life of crime, but Javier insists that he's going to do with or without his help. Vicente still refuses, and goes to leave, until Javier brings up Vicente's children, all of whom need financial support. Vicente is angered to be blackmailed, but agrees.

At some point, Javier was caught and arrested. After his trial, Lola pays a visit to Javier in prison. She tells him that Miguel and his cousin Natalia have got into college and are going to lead normal, crime-free lives, which she explains is all she ever wanted for him. She then says Javier saw what she had to go through with his father, and yet he followed in his footsteps anyway. Javier explains he needed to look after them all and was desperate after losing his job. Lola tells him he always did look after them, and it never was about money. She then departs.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


After the undead outbreak began, Javier as well as a number of other inmates including Eli Loche, Donald, Amar, Terry, Sid, Richard, Callum and Bob, escaped prison. Javier left the group initially and went to find his family, all of whom had turned. He took them all out but was so horrified by the event that he couldn't bring himself to bury them. Alone, Javier returned to his fellow inmates.

Eli took control of the group but when Javier, Richard, Callum, Bob and several others took issue with Eli's behaviour and leadership, he had all of them ambushed and shot. Javier was particularity devastated to lose his close friend Richard, whom he was forced to kill to end his suffering. Javier walked away as the only survivor, but the ambush enraged Javier, who began to try and track down Eli and his followers in order to exact revenge.

Along the way, Javier crossed paths with Bobby de Luca, a teenage survivor. Despite his initial distrust, Javier took him in and protected him and as a result, Bobby decided to join Javier in his mission to find Eli.

Into The CityEdit

Javier is first mentioned by Eli when he talks to Donald about his loyalty. He brings up Javier alongside Richard, Callum and Bob and reminds Donald that he had them all killed. Eli still knew nothing about Javier's survival.

Every Man Wants To Rule The WorldEdit

Javier walks the fallen streets of Summerlyn alongside Bobby. The pair fight off zombies. They hear approaching footsteps and hide behind a nearby car. They watch Terry walk by and follow him to Eli's base. They go inside. Terry takes Bobby at gunpoint but he lies and says that he's alone and he was just looking for shelter and something to eat. His ruse manages to distract Terry long enough for Javier to enter and shoot him in the head, killing him. Javier then notices two prisoners and orders that Bobby free them. Javier and Bobby get acquainted with the two prisoners, Peter Thompson and Charlotte Layton, who agree to accompany the pair in confronting Eli. They enter the skyscraper but Javier insists Charlotte and Bobby get off at a lower floor in case things go wrong. Upon arriving in the penthouse, Javier and Peter take Eli at gunpoint. Javier explains his bullets missed him and Eli promises he won't make that mistake again. Javier points out he won't be given the chance. Alexis Norton and Angie de Luca, two women Eli was keeping upstairs, storm down during an escape attempt. Upon spotting Peter with his gun raised at Eli, Alexis aims her gun at him and orders him to disengage as she wants to be the one to kill Eli. Eli decides to make things fair by raising his weapon at Alexis, leaving the three in a tense stand-off.


When Peter and Alexis refuse to stand down, Javier tells Eli to leave them out of it as the conflict is between the two of them. Eli quickly turns around and shoots Javier in the lower side, seriously wounding him. Javier can do nothing but watch helplessly as Peter and the others allow Eli and his followers to escape once Bobby arrives at the penthouse to warn Peter about the arrival of the undead. Javier is helped to his feet by Peter and the two of them alongside Bobby and Angie (who have just been reunited as brother and sister), Alexis, Victoria Franklin, Jack Lucas and Maddison Collins flee from the penthouse to escape the undead.

Javier is assisted by Peter as the group meet up with Charlotte and some of Peter's friends Sean O'Hara, Aimi Kato and Shiro Kato. Maddison is killed by the zombies as the others make a break for the back exit. Upon discovering that both exits are impassable, the group take a minute to figure out a plan. Eli inadvertently runs into them and when he flees, Alexis and Jack go after him. Victoria tells Peter and the others about a fire exit, which they all then use to escape the overrun building.

At some point after making it out of the building, an ailing Javier loses consciousness. He is put in the back of the group's truck and Sean manages to stop his bleeding. Javier remains asleep as Peter, Angie, Bobby, Sean, Shiro, Aimi and Charlotte join him in the truck. The survivors then travel from the ruined city of Summerlyn, to seek the safety of Peter's camp.

Still, In SummerlynEdit

Javier appears in a flashback of Eli's, where the murder of Javier's friends is shown.

Mi FamiliaEdit

One week after Eli shot him in the penthouse, Javier wakes up in the survivors camp. He finds little Beatrice Thompson, who greets him as he sits up. He then meets Georgie Rutherford, who takes Beatrice away for a nap. Javier then walks over to the campfire, where he comes across Jai Patil, Angie and Bobby, the latter of whom hugs him happily. Javier gets caught up on the last week and he asks if there's been any word from Eli. When Jai and Angie reveal there hasn't been, Javier coldly remarks "give him time."

Later as the girls go to find a missing Georgie,Javier thanks Jai for changing his bandages. When Shiro teases Javier and the latter responds by jokingly threatening to shoot him, Peter hastens to check if he's jesting or not. Javier is surprised that he would consider him capable of such a thing. Javier then talks about his past and that he was put inside for stealing cars, doing them over and then selling them on. A crime he committed to try and provide for his poverty-stricken relatives.

Sometime after, Javier approaches Peter, who is holding Beatrice as he keeps watch. He asks if he's all right, and Peter responds that he's worried about Joy and the others. Javier tries to assure him that they'll be back. He then thanks Peter for taking him in and not judging him in spite of knowing that he was in prison at the time of the outbreak. Peter tells Javier he gets a good vibe from him, and that everybody else feels the same way, which means a great deal to Javier.

The girls later return with an unconscious Georgie, the zombified corpse of Karen Jones, a former member of the group, and the news that Georgie is diabetic and out of medicine. Everybody but Javier, Beatrice and Georgie head to Summerlyn City to find medicial supplies.

The next morning, Georgie awakens back at camp. Javier comes over and assures Georgie that everything will be all right. When Georgie notices that it's just the three of them, she demands to know where they are. She is horrified to discover that they've all gone to find her medicine in Summerlyn City. Georgie panics and gets very upset because as she went to find Little Oak she spotted a large horde of hundreds of undead, all making their way to the city.

Safe and SoundEdit

Georgie is insistent on going to fetch the others from Summerlyn due to the large group of zombies she saw heading for the city. Javier points out that she is no position to travel, but she is adamant. Javier helps her up as she falls to the floor. He picks up Beatrice and helps support Georgie to bed.

Later on when the group return, Javier checks on Beatrice, who is being looked after by Angie. She tells Javier she's really impressed by how he looked after Beatrice and Georgie whilst they were away. He tells her it was nothing, but Angie refuses to hear it and thanks him.


A few days after the previous episode, Angie and Javier play a word association game as the latter fishes. The two then discuss movies and Angie is flabbergasted when Javier reveals he has probably only watched around five movies in his life. Jai then interrupts and tells Javier he can now remove the bandage covering his chest as the risk of infection is pretty much gone. Angie points out that he can finally go back to wearing shirts. Javier jokingly asks if she's disappointed. The flirting between his sister and close friend doesn't go unnoticed by Bobby who expresses his disdain to Sean.

Javier is later present when Victoria turns up at camp and informs the group about Alexis's recent behaviour. After she leaves, Javier and others speculate on whether she can be trusted.

The Olive BranchEdit

The following morning, Javier and Angie go hunting close-by to the survivors camp. The two get on the subject of guns and Angie tells the story of how her father, a successful boxer, was shot by an infatuated fan. She then shares her opinion that she hates guns and even though they may be necessary now, they weren't before the dead started walking. The two then continue on their search for food.

Later, the two return to camp to discover that Eli had been there to propose an alliance, which Peter rejected. Peter mentions that Javier was angry to discover that Eli got away with his life once things got violent and Amar was killed.

The ChoiceEdit

A few days later, the majority of the group decide to set out for Summerlyn for a meeting with Alexis, to discuss Eli and the threat he poses. Angie is reluctant to leave Bobby behind but he and Javier convince her that he can look after himself. The majority of the group then leave shortly after, with only Bobby, Joy, Georgie, and Beatrice remaining behind.

Later, during the discussion between Peter and Alexis, Eli arrives, alone and unarmed. Javier and the others raise their weapons and they're stunned when its revealed Charlotte has been working with Eli for the entire time they've known her. Charlotte then leaves, to retrieve her mother, whom Eli has been holding.

Sometime later, Eli threatens both Alexis and Peter to surrender to him. To intimidate Peter, Joel walks a worse-for-wear Lorna, Peter's missing wife, into the scene at gunpoint, much to the horror of Peter and the survivors. Eli warns the group to plan no ambushes or rescue attempts. He tells the group to meet him at Ludovico's, a restaurant a few minutes South of the complex. He smiles, and tells them they have three hours.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

In Victoria, the survivors are left nervously waiting as the time to meet Eli at Ludovico's grows nearer. Javier tells Angie he doesn't care what it takes, Eli dies tonight. Inside the restaurant, Eli says Lorna is fine and she will remain so all the while things remain amicable. Peter demands to know where she is but when Eli simply smiles in response, Javier loses his temper and kicks Eli from his chair. Peter attempts to calm Javier down, but he poses the point that they can kill Eli and save Lorna. Eli announces to the group that in spite of none of his men being around, Sid would be aware if he was to be killed as his watch monitors his heartbeat and will send a signal should it stop beating. The group agree to take Eli hostage. Enraged, Javier asks Peter if he can be the one to kill Eli once Lorna's safe, as he wants to make it slow. As Eli taunts Javier about his anger, he is shot in the upper chest by an arrow by Charlotte, who is standing above the group on a balcony. Jai tries to keep Eli alive, but to no avail. Before he dies, Eli tells the group the location of Lorna: the basement prison. Charlotte attempts to apologise but Peter opens fire. She manages to get away.

Peter asks Alexis if he can borrow one of Victoria's vehicles. Alexis refuses and she and Jenson depart. The group are therefore left with no choice but to go on foot. They leave quickly and fight their way through zombies. Javier holds them off and demands the rest of the group get inside. It's eventually revealed Eli played a cruel trick and it wasn't Lorna who was killed, but her and Peter's young son Milo.

Season TwoEdit

Winterhodge AgainEdit

Sometime after the group discover Milo's body, Javier and the others witness Peter shoot and kill Joel, Eli's last follower. Later, after Peter leaves for his hometown alone to bury Milo and several of the group members go off for some time to reflect and adsorb the situation. Javier picks up on Angie's worry for Peter and remarks that she seems to care about him a great deal. She confirms she does, but makes it clear that she cares about everyone. The survivors re-group and decide to split into two. Aimi, Sean, and Angie will go to Winterhodge to be with Peter whilst Jai, Javier, and Shiro will head back to camp to check on the others. They agree to meet at camp the following night. Angie says goodbye to Javier, who in turn coldly says he'll see her tomorrow.

Upon returning to camp, Jai and Shiro are devastated when Javier finds Joy's body. Sometime after leaving camp, Javier returns and tells Jai there's no sign of Georgie, Beatrice, or any of the others. He also reveals Shiro wandered off and refused to come back until he has found Beatrice. .

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The next night, Jai asks Javier, if he had any luck finding Shiro, who has been missing since the night before. Javier reveals he hasn't. Just then, Peter and the others pull into camp, where the group reunite. Jai breaks the news of Shiro's absence, Georgie, Beatrice, and Bobby being missing and Joy being dead, which greatly upsets the group. Sean remarks that Joy was a great woman just as two zombies who were approaching him from behind are shot dead. Their killer is revealed to be Shiro, who counts them off as his one hundred and twenty-first and one hundred and twenty-second victims respectively. He tells the group he has been hunting the undead. Jai demands that Shiro clean himself up, as he's dug a grave and they'll be burying Joy soon. Shiro, with a somber expression, tells the group he's been bit.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

As Shiro tries to explain himself, Peter stares at him in anger. Angie wonders if there's something they can do, but Javier disputes this, and says once you're bitten there's no going back. Peter walks forward without saying a word, pulls out his knife and cuts off Shiro's fingers. Peter remains unaffected as Shiro falls to the ground in agony and the other survivors watch on, shocked. Peter coldly looks at Jai and tells him to stitch Shiro up.

Later, Peter rudely asks Angie to leave him alone. Having witnessed this, Javier comes over to Peter and makes it clear that even though everybody is sympathetic and sorry for what he's going through, he shouldn't take it out on them, especially Angie, whom Javier describes as the kindest girl he's ever met. He then makes it clear that if Peter continues to treat her badly, then the two of them will have a problem. Javier walks away as Peter stands in silence.

Sometime after, the group are relieved when Jai says with confidence that Shiro is going to be all right. Just then, Henry Jones, an old member of the group who went missing alongside Lorna and Milo arrives at camp with his son Shiloh and their friend Donna make their way into camp. The group are thrilled to be reunited with Henry. Aimi and Jai hug him, and Henry expresses his sympathy for Joy's death. He then tells Peter that Georgie and Beatrice are alive back at his camp, much to Peter's relief. Angie is confused and upset when Henry reveals it's just the two of them, and Bobby isn't there.

As Henry catches several of the group up on what happened to him, a worried Angie stands to one side on her own. Javier attempts to comfort her and tries to assure her that Bobby's fine, but she refuses to hear it. When she begins to cry, he holds her. Later, Peter and Henry gather the group. It's decided that Angie will accompany Peter to go and find Lorna whilst Henry, Shiloh and Donna will help the other survivors gather their belongings and leave camp for Midway, Henry's camp, once Joy has been buried. Javier and Angie hug, and he tells her to be careful.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

At the survivors camp, Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy as Sean, Aimi, Shiro, Javier, Henry, Shiloh, and Donna stand in quiet reflection, listening. Jai mentions remarkable women he knew, including his mother and wife, but he states that Joy might just be the most remarkable of them all. He finishes up by saying "rest in peace, Joy."

The group then leave the camp for good sometime after, as they head for Midway.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Once at Midway, Henry welcomes Javier, Shiro, Jai, Sean, and Aimi to the safe-town. They are amazed by what they see and they eagerly accept Henry's invitation of a guided tour. During the tour, they are happily reunited with Georgie and Beatrice.

During the night, the survivors are awoken by a disturbance when Dwayne inadvertently leads a large group of zombies to the town. Henry instructs Javier to remain in camp and to shoot the undead from above to help dispose of the threat. Wide awake after the drama, Javier, Shiro, Georgie, Shiloh, Aimi, and Calvin agree to Drew's invite to a nearby pub.

At the pub, Javier plays darts alone. He eventually interrupts a discussion between Shiloh and Donna when he hears them bad-mouthing Henry. Javier tells Shiloh that Henry seems like a good man to him and that he shouldn't speak ill of his father as he's lucky to have him. Donna tells Javier to go back to playing his darts. Shiloh warns her to be careful. Javier picks up on this and says "I get it. You’ve heard about me, I see? I’m the criminal… the prisoner. You think I’m some sort of monster who might slit your throat if you fuck with me?" Shiloh tries to assure Javier he didn't mean anything by it. Javier points out that his past is exactly that and he shouldn't be judged for it. He then leaves.

The following morning, Henry scolds Javier and the others for getting drunk. Peter and Angie also arrive at camp. A sad Angie tells Javier that Bobby is still missing. He reaches out to her and says "I know."

El Lobo SolitarioEdit

Javier is sat around the campfire at Midway with Georgie, who notices he has gone quiet. Javier excuses himself and walks over to Angie and asks for a private word. The two go into the bed area where Angie expresses her surprise that Javier is speaking to her as he hasn't for a few days. Javier tells Angie she knows she is keeping something from him and he had hoped she would come to him with it herself, but she hasn't. Angie, who is keeping the information that Bobby and Charlotte are living in Alexis's complex to herself because Henry asked her to, tells Javier she cannot say. He reminds her of the bond they have. Angie tells Javier she made a promise. Javier jealousy says "Oh, to Peter? I should have guessed," but Angie coldly corrects him and says it was to Henry. Irritated, she walks away.

Later, Angie bumps into Javier, who tells her that he's leaving camp, and wants her to come. He tries to explain that he doesn't belong in Midway, which Angie disputes. Angie explains that living alone out there is no way to live and reminds him how he went before whilst surviving alone, as he almost killed Bobby when the two first met. Javier says he trusts his instincts. Angie points out they have a good thing at Midway with good people to survive alongside, and to walk away from that would be lunacy, but Javier is determined to go. He tells her they can go and find Bobby and the three of them can make it together. Angie says she wants to make it Midway, but that doesn't mean she wants Javier to leave. He tells Angie he'll be waiting for her by the lake where Midway gets its water until sunset, and if she doesn't turn up, he'll take the hint.

Whilst waiting at the lake, Javier overhears an approaching Peter and Henry as they talk about him and what sort of man he is. Henry mentions that he knows he was in prison at the start of the outbreak. Henry says it makes you wonder. Javier, having overheard, tells Peter and Henry they don't have to worry, as he's going his own way now. Peter tells Javier that nobody wants him to leave. He is hurt to see that Angie sent them, but didn't care to come herself. Peter remarks that he never realised Javier was such a needy man. Javier is angered by this and is further annoyed when Peter tells him he's acting like a spoilt child who needs attention. Javier tells Peter he hasn't earned the right to judge him. Javier insists he's better off on his own, but Peter disputes this and reminds Javier everyone has treated him as part of the group. Javier then gets upset when he remarks that Angie refused to leave with him. Javier tells the two men to leave.

Later, Angie and Jai arrive at the lake where Peter, Henry and Jaiver are and there they confess that they've been to Summerlyn City to look for Bobby, much to Henry and Peter's annoyance. Angie calls them both hypocrites and points out that whilst they've suffered losses, Henry still has his son and a girlfriend, and Peter has Beatrice, whilst Angie, Javier, and Jai have nobody. When Javier mentions he took out his entire family after they turned, Angie uses this to get her message across that Peter and Henry have something worth fighting for, and that she needed the same and thus wanted the confirmation that Bobby was alive. The group decide to return to Midway.

Upon returning to Midway as night falls, Javier asks Angie if she sent Peter and Henry after him because she wanted him to stay or whether she used it as an opportunity to sneak out. Angie tells him she's not going to baby him and his insecurities, and tells him to figure it out for himself.


A few days later, Javier and Angie chat by the campfire at Midway, where they both express that they're glad everything's normal between them now. As Drew walks past, Angie insists he knows him from somewhere. Javier tells her his name is Drew and that he's a piece of work. Angie suddenly realises where she knows him from: he's the brother of Victoria Franklin. Angie walks over to him and says she knows him, which he denies. When she says he's Vicky's brother, he raises his middle finger and tells her to fuck off. Angie returns to Javier, who says he did tell her he was a piece of work. She says he probably has no idea what Alexis did to his sister. Angie soon gathers Henry, Peter, Aimi, Sean, Jai, and Javier in the communal area of Midway, where they discuss if they should tell Drew about Vicky's fate. It's decided that they should.

Later, the community discover that Annette, the town's chef, has passed away in her sleep. Sean, who grew incredibly close to her, takes the news very badly. Javier tries to talk to Sean as he heads for the nearby pub, but he refuses and leaves anyway.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The day after Annette's death, Javier is one of many Midway residents to attend her funeral. He watches disapprovingly as Sean gatecrashes the service and pleads with his friend to stop and go home. Jai eventually knocks Sean out to stop the situation from escalating further.

Later, Sean bumps into Javier who asks if he's going to cause trouble. Sean says he's not and asks where Peter is. Javier tells him that he's with Henry. Sean then heads there, and states he has some apologising to do. However, a fight breaks out between him and Henry and he is banned from Midway for good.

Last OrdersEdit

Two days on from Sean's banishment, a meeting takes place between the two communities at Victoria to discuss Drew after he was taken prisoner. During the meeting, Peter's wife Lorna turns up to get revenge on Alexis for her role in Milo's death. She releases zombies from Michael Lewis's lab and opens one of the gates, causing the dead to pile inside. Javier and Angie rush off to find and rescue Bobby, who has been imprisoned along with Charlotte and Drew. With the help of Lydia-Jean, they find where Bobby and co are being held. Javier shoots the lock and Bobby comes rushing upstairs to joyfully be reunited with them. Javier, Angie, and Bobby regroup with Peter and witness the demise of Sean, who was bitten by a zombie he pushed away from Peter.

The StandEdit

After Sean's death, an angered Tariq, a resident of Victoria, confronts the group and insists they leave. Javier raises his gun to warn him off. Javier later heads back to Midway with most of the group while Peter, Angie, Henry, and Shiro remain behind for a while to try and stop Lorna. Bobby tells Javier he's worried about Charlotte. Javier tells him she will be fine. They later run into her on their way home. Bobby insists she and Lydia-Jean join them. Javier and Jai are forced to concede when Bobby refuses to go if they don't. After arriving, Javier walks over to Jai who is standing by Sean's body. Jai opens about losing his faith and claims Lorna is the only person who sees the world for what it truly is.

When Angie returns, she tells Javier that Michael was killed by Lorna. He comforts her.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Javier is dismayed whilst on a run with Drew, Jai, and Donna at the latter twos blood-thirst in taking out zombies when they don't need to. Upon returning back to Midway, Javier tells Shiro about what happened. Shiro is troubled when Javier reveals that Jai did not say a word all day. Later, Javier attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Javier tells Angie she works Bobby too hard with schoolwork. She says she understands Bobby has had to become a man to survive but he is still a kid, and she would rather consume him with things he would be doing now if the world was normal rather than have him going out, stabbing people in the brain. Javier says she's a good sister. Later, they hear Beatrice crying alone in a hut. Charlotte tells them she just past Peter and he was heading for a walk. Angie decides to go after him and tells Javier to stay with Beatrice as she's fond of him. Charlotte remarks to Javier that Angie is as well. Javier asks Bobby if he thinks Angie likes him, and he says he does. Bobby suggests Javier tell her if he feels the same way, but he's hesitant to lose her as a friend. Bobby says Angie is too loyal to turn her back on someone she cares about. Javier admits he doesn't know how he feels, but Bobby disputes that.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Javier joins a group heading on a supply-run to a warehouse full of food. They arrive at the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. After everyone splits into groups, Angie declines to stay on watch with Javier to keep Peter company as she doesn't trust Jacquelyn. Diane jokes to Javier that rejection happens to the best of people. Soon after, Diane approaches Javier again after he kills zombies and tells him there are other ways to blow off steam and she suggests they have sex. Javier refuses. She later follows him when he goes to pee. She says she gets he's hung up on Angie but she believes people should allow themselves to have harmless fun when they get the opportunity. Javier insists he's not interested, but he doesn't stop her from performing oral sex on him.

When a shoot-out between the groups takes place after Jacquelyn goes back on the deal, Diane raises her gun at Javier and says there's no hard feelings. She is shot in the head with an arrow by Charlotte before she can pull the trigger. Javier then assists in the gun-fight and kills Lou. After Jacquelyn's group are wiped out, Angie asks Javier where he went. He lies and says he got lost. The group collect the food and return to Midway.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Bobby goes off with Lydia-Jean, Angie asks Peter and Calvin if they've seen him and she's worried to discover they haven't. Javier tells her if he's not back by noon, they will go and look for him. Peter reveals Lorna is in town and is talking to Georgie. He then walks away. Angie follows. Javier says he'll have a breakfast alone then. Calvin invites him to sit with him, but Javier leaves. Calvin remarks it's like high school all over again.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade of medicine for information on Michael, Javier witnesses an argument between Angie and Bobby when she forbids him from coming along. During the meeting, Angie is furious when Bobby turns up and almost ruins things. However, Blaine Monteghue ambushes the groups from afar and opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne. Everyone scatters into different directions. Peter and Javier grab Angie and together with Charlotte and Bobby, they follow Noah back to his base, where their doctor Cecilia Martinez begins to work on her. Javier is deeply affected by Angie's injury and remains distant even after being told she will recover.

Instead of seeing Angie after she wakes, Javier joins Diego and Claire in going out to look for their missing friend Jock. They find his body and the body of a resident from Victoria, seemingly confirming Alexis was responsible. Javier is later present at Midway when Henry gathers the community and talks about how Calvin, Dwayne, and Aimi were murdered. He swears vengeance on Alexis.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days later, Javier remains distant with Angie. After Aimi's funeral, Angie is dismayed to see he is preparing to leave. Javier says he needs to be alone. Angie says she thought they had dealt with this, but Javier explains he can't watch people die anymore. He says people are always going to die, and there's nothing he can do about that, but he can make a choice as to whether he watches it or not. Angie insists he's not the sort of man who runs away from the people he loves, but he says if he had stayed away from his family after he broke out of prison, he never would have found them as zombies and been forced to kill them. He says being with the group was fine when he didn't care so much. Angie says she survived. He replies "this time" and leaves. She calls him a coward as he walks away.

Now. Before. After.Edit

After leaving, Javier sets a dummy trail, knowing Angie would try and find him. The following day, he is tracked down by Charlotte, Bobby, Peter, and Ben. Javier says he's not going back, much to Bobby's anger. He says he can't continue to watch people he cares about die. Bobby says after the weeks they spent together alone in the city, he thought Javier was the bravest man he ever met and he looked up to him. He says he was wrong and leaves. Peter admits he didn't trust Javier when they first met as he couldn't see past the tattoos and the fact Javier was a convict. He says he's glad he pushed all of that aside and gave him a chance as he's a good man. Javier asks Peter why he's telling him this. Peter says if it's truly the last time they see each other, he wants him to know. Javier says he'll never be as good of a man as Peter is. Peter tells him he should think higher of himself, as he does. As he leaves, he tells Javier there will always be a home for him with the group.

End of This PlaceEdit

Sometime after, Javier hears an explosion and returns to Midway to see it in flames having been bombed by Blaine. He goes to Noah's facility and comes across Cecilia. He learns that the survivors from Midway are at Victoria fighting Blaine. Javier takes Bobby and Lydia-Jean and travels to Summerlyn City to help. They arrive after the fight has been won by their group and assist the survivors still present fight off zombies who were attracted to the fallen town by the noise. Javier reunites with Angie and the pair hug. As the group prepare to leave, a furious Monty holds them at gunpoint. Shiloh tells Monty to look at the dead approaching from behind and insists he see sense. Charlotte invites Monty to come with them, but he refuses. Bobby attempts to go anyway, but Monty shoots him in the leg. An enraged Javier responds by shooting Monty dead. Bobby insists to the others that he can walk so they leave.

As they escape, Bobby is grabbed and bitten by a zombie who appeared dead. Angie watches in horror as Bobby is feasted on. Bobby screams for Javier to take Angie and go, knowing she won't leave him and will get herself killed. A reluctant Javier tells Bobby he loves him in Spanish, picks up Angie and carries her away. Charlotte hangs back and fires an arrow into Bobby's head, putting him out of his misery.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Javier has killed:


  • Javier has appeared in twenty-seven episodes to date.
  • Javier has met all the main characters aside from Blaine.
  • Javier was the first protagonist to kill a living being after the apocalypse.
  • He was the first Hispanic character to appear in the series.
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