Let No Man Put Asunder
Season 2, Episode 16
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Jai Patil
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Bobby de Luca
Henry Jones
Michael Lewis
Shiloh Jones
Lorna Thompson
Blaine Monteghue
Bernadette Delacroix
Beatrice Thompson
Noah Ashby
Cecilia Martinez
Drew Franklin
Lydia-Jean Norton
James Jenson
Richard Coleman
Calvin Cutler
Catelyn's baby
*Appears without lines
"This was a mistake."

Lorna Thompson.

"You can’t keep running forever."

Georgie Rutherford.

"Let No Man Put Asunder" is the sixteenth episode of season two of The Last Ones and the thirty-second episode overall. It was published for the first time on December 4th 2017.


A vivid, disturbing dream causes Alexis to do something unexpected. Meanwhile, Charlotte confesses a secret to Shiloh in order to get him to open up. Also, Peter and Lorna clash upon being reunited. Elsewhere, a secret of Elaine's is revealed.


In a dream of the night she first found out about the undead outbreak, Alexis returns home from a night out, the first in a year. She looks for husband, Stephen, and enters a child's bedroom. Inside, is Michael. With his back turned to her, he tells her he must make things right with Lydia-Jean and "spare her from what's to come." Alexis tries to apologise for what happened to him and asks if he's all right now wherever he may be. Michael turns around, revealing the fatal neck wound that killed him, and replies "Vicky says hi."

Alexis awakes in Michael's lab. Jenson is there and says he saw her sleep-walking. They walk outside and run into Blaine. Alexis bids them goodnight and returns to her quarters. When Jenson slyly asks Blaine if he's up because he feels guilty, Blaine asks if he has something to say. Jenson angrily says what happened earlier didn't need to happen and those who escaped, or tried to, wouldn't have wanted to if it wasn't for him. He says Blaine sees himself as the saviour of the town, but all he does is terrorise people. He says everything that happened is on him and if he doesn't feel guilty then he should. Blaine warns him he's walking on very thin ice. Jenson walks away.

Lorna, who collapsed due to an infection after coming face-to-face with Peter, awakes in Jai's hut. Lorna asks how Peter took seeing her. Jai says he was shocked as he thought she was dead. Lorna says it might be better for everyone she was. Jai asks if they should go wake Peter, but she says they should wait until morning. Jai asks if he's hungry and when she says she's starving, he says "then let's go eat."

In her quarters, an angry Alexis lectures "Michael" and asks why she should save Lydia-Jean when she was the one who got him killed by letting Lorna into Victoria.

On the road after escaping Victoria and finding a car, Bernadette awakes from a sleep. She notices something is wrong with Luke and asks. He tells her he will say outside the car as he doesn't want Daniel overhearing. Bernadette points out he's sleeping, but Luke says he's not risking it. Luke tells Bernadette he found a reanimated Shannon on the side of the road as Blaine must have abandoned her. Luke says he put her out of her misery. Bernadette and Luke are devastated.

Lydia-Jean asks Charlotte if she can accompany her out hunting, but she says it's something she likes to do alone. She heads out and sees Henry and Shiloh in the middle of an argument. They have been out looking for Elaine, who hasn't returned from a walk. Shiloh says it's suspicious she always goes out for walks constantly and Henry says she always comes back. Shiloh remarks that maybe she has found what she was looking for. He says Elaine got very close to Henry once the old leader died and she happened to be close with him as well. Henry is furious when Shiloh calls her an actress and says he can be a piece of work. Shiloh remarks that's rich coming from the man who got into relationship just days after his wife died. Henry points out it was Karen who made the decision to leave him by taking her own life. Shiloh says he can see why. Henry is enraged and says he is ashamed to have Shiloh as a son. He storms off. Charlotte insists to Shiloh that she wasn't eavesdropping. He asks to join her on a hunt. She agrees.

Henry punches the door upon arriving at his quarters and is surprised to see Peter sitting in there. He says he can't sleep knowing Lorna is in Midway. Henry asks Peter what he's going to say to Lorna and he admits he has no idea. Peter asks Henry if he's worried about Elaine. Henry says she's a tough cookie, but admits he is concerned.

In Noah's facility, Diego wakes Noah. He then takes him to the infirmary. Upon walking in, Noah asks "what part of leave us alone do you not understand!?" It's revealed he was talking to Elaine, who greets Noah by name.

In Victoria, Jenson asks Alexis what she wants as he was told she wanted to see him. Alexis asks if he's on-watch. He says he was just about to go to bed. She tells him not to worry, but he insists he can sleep later. She tells him to get a car ready.

Bobby enters Lydia-Jean's hut. She asks what he's doing up. He says he had little chance sleeping what with Javier's snoring and Henry and Shiloh arguing. Lydia-Jean says she wasn't allowed to go hunting with Charlotte, yet Shiloh went with her anyway. Bobby says it's understandable to be jealous as he also used to spend a lot time with Charlotte before she got with Shiloh. Lydia-Jean admits she feels lonely and used to enjoy going out to pick fruit and collect wood. Bobby says they should do it. Lydia-Jean says they can't, but Bobby reminds her they can do whatever they like.

Charlotte asks Shiloh if their relationship is just about sex as he never wants to open up to her. He says he doesn't want to talk about his Dad. Charlotte admits she felt he was harsh. She tells him he was being pathetic and he doesn't realise how lucky he is to have a father who is still alive and who loves him, as she would do anything to have her mother with her. She says the difference between him and Peter and Beatrice, Aimi and Shiro, and Angie and Bobby is that he isn't grateful for what he still has. When he asks how she can say he's lucky to have Henry, she says her father was evil and that's why she killed him. Shiloh is stunned.

Noah tells Elaine what she's doing has to stop and wandering around in the woods will get her killed. She says she wouldn't spend so long looking for Noah's base if he simply told her where "he" is. Noah says he's not revealing that as it's classified and if he had wanted Elaine to know where he was, he would have told her. Elaine insists she and this mystery person lost contact at the start of the outbreak and he might want to get in touch with her. Noah says he was hesitant to tell her this, but says her stubborn persistence in trying to find them has tried his patience. He reveals he has spoken to this man and he said he doesn't want to see Elaine and finds her endless attempts to find him desperate and pathetic. Elaine is upset and accuses Noah of lying. Noah makes it clear she is to stop looking for them and if any of his people see her again, they will do whatever it takes to deal with her. He tells Diego to stick the bag back over her head and return her to where she was found. Elaine cries.

Jenson is confused as to why Alexis is instructing him to drive to Midway. He is surprised to learn Alexis intends on inviting Lydia-Jean back to Victoria as she had previously said she was dead to her for what she did. He asks what's changed. Alexis tells him to keep driving.

Before he reunites with Lorna, Peter asks Jai how she's doing. He says she's calmer compared to when they last saw her. Peter remarks that must be a good thing considering that was when she slit Michael's throat open. Things are awkward initially between the couple, until Peter says "Lorna is fine, by the way." Lorna says she didn't come for a lecture and admits she came for medicine as she has an infection. He says Beatrice still asks for her, which upsets Lorna. She insists he's wrong when he says seeing Beatrice will change everything. Peter suggests they make a first step by having Lorna see Beatrice through a window as he walks past with her. She is unsure, but he promises it will be all right. As Peter fetches Beatrice, Lorna freaks out and runs into a nearby hut, where she wakes Georgie and Calvin. Georgie tells Calvin to get some breakfast as she and Lorna need to catch-up. Lorna tells Georgie she can sense she is mad with her. Georgie confirms this, but hugs her and says while she's mad at her turning her back on Beatrice, but she can't even begin to understand what she's been through so she's going to reign her anger in and offer her support.

Shiloh asks Charlotte for an explanation, but she asks why she should share when he never does. He says it's a bit different considering she just admitted to killing her father. Charlotte reveals her father was violent and attempts to explain her reasons, but Shiloh is alarmed to discover she did it before the apocalypse. She asks if there's a difference. He says there is. She says if it changes his mind on them being together then it's his problem as she's not afraid of it. Before they can discuss it further, they are surrounded by approaching zombies.

Close-by are Bobby and Lydia-Jean and Alexis and Jenson and both groups are alerted to the area by the gunshots. Jenson warns Alexis against helping, but she rushes forward and starts firing, forcing him to join in. After the zombies are dealt with, Lydia-Jean asks Alexis what she wants. Alexis says they need to talk.

In Midway, Angie asks Peter and Calvin if they've seen Bobby and she's worried to discover they haven't. Javier tells her if he's not back by noon, they will go and look for him. Peter reveals Lorna is in town and is talking to Georgie. He then walks away. Angie follows. Javier says he'll have a breakfast alone then. Calvin invites him to sit with him, but Javier leaves. Calvin remarks it's like high school all over again.

Georgie tells Lorna she understands she's been through a lot but asks if it's fair for her to punish Beatrice. Lorna says Beatrice has Peter and doesn't need her. Georgie disputes this and says she cries for Lorna sometimes. Lorna puts her hands to her face. Georgie tells her not to cry. Lorna says she can't even though she tries to sometimes. When Georgie says she needs help, Lorna gets defensive and accuses Georgie for treating her like she's crazy, in spite of Georgie's insistence that she's merely a concerned friend. As Lorna goes to leave, Georgie stumbles and holds onto the book shelf to steady herself. She tells Lorna she has diabetes and hasn't eaten yet this morning. Lorna helps her walk outside.

Cecilia tells Noah she heard about Elaine and asks if he thinks she got the message this time. Noah says it's hard to tell with her. Noah reveals he's off to visit Victoria and will propose to Alexis that he meet some of her people today. Cecilia points out today could very well be the day he meets Michael for the first time. She smiles and wishes him luck.

Shiro and Aimi eat breakfast and complain that they slept bad. Aimi suggests Shiro shack up with Drew, but he says it's too soon for that. Calvin overhears and is surprised to hear Shiro and Drew are a couple. He then tells them he has some gossip. Shiro says it won't be anything interesting, but Calvin begs to differ. Before he can reveal Lorna is in town, Shiro and Aimi spot her leaving the hut. Calvin remarks it's not his day. Georgie is taken to the infirmary by Jai as Calvin rushes to get her breakfast. Drew approaches Shiro and Aimi and asks what's going on. They fill him in. He says that sounds boring and decides to sit somewhere else. Shiro jokingly asks Aimi if their mother would have approved of Drew.

Felicia meets Lorna and says she appears to know Jai and Georgie well. Lorna says they're old friends. Felicia says they are kidding themselves if they think a diet will keep Georgie alive. Lorna says Georgie forgot to eat and the diet itself might work as Jai seems to think so. Felicia says he thinks that because he cares about her. She then says she wouldn't even give Georgie a week.

Lydia-Jean agrees to speak to Alexis alone, much to Charlotte's chagrin. She asks Jenson what her game is. He says he doesn't know. Lydia-Jean is surprised to discover Alexis would like her to come back to Victoria. She asks if she's seeking for revenge, but Alexis assures her she isn't. Alexis is taken aback when Lydia-Jean admits she worked with Lorna as the plan was for her to be killed. Alexis asks why she would want her dead as she's her aunt, but Lydia-Jean reminds her of her role in her mother's death and claims she never seemed to matter to her. Alexis says she's sorry, but Lydia-Jean says she doesn't think Alexis is sorry for anything she's done, including the death of Vicky. She refuses to go with Alexis and returns to the others. Just then, Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel stumble on to the scene.

Howie wakes Blaine up and claims banging from the prisoners in the basement is driving him mad. Blaine heads down and tells Zahra, who is responsible, that when he told her previously to stop he meant it. He tells her Catelyn is still being treated and refuses to let her see her. He leaves. Trudy tries to assure Zahra that Catelyn will be all right as Coleman is a gifted doctor. Just then, Reginald approaches Blaine and tells him Noah is at the front gate. Blaine welcomes him and when Noah says he has come for a tour, Blaine offers to be his guide as Alexis isn't home.

Peter tells Angie she doesn't need to check on him and informs her that Lorna is refusing to see Beatrice. Peter walks over to Lorna and tells her if she has no interest in seeing Beatrice then she needs to leave. Lorna says she wants to make things right before she goes and says she has an idea where they might be able to get some medicine for Georgie.

Alexis and Jenson plan on taking Bernadette and Luke back to Victoria but they refuse so Alexis threatens to shoot them on the spot. Charlotte intervenes and arms her bow and points it at Alexis. Shiloh, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean follow suit and raise their guns. Alexis is enraged and says first they killed Jacquelyn's group and now this. The group are surprised to discover Jacquelyn's group were with Alexis and claim they didn't know and only defended themselves, but Alexis doesn't believe them. Jenson tells Alexis they need to stand down and go. She reluctantly does so. Bernadette and Luke then accept Charlotte's invitation to come and stay at Midway.

Lorna fills Peter and Henry in on Noah's community and claims they're good people even though they thought she was one of Alexis's people and decided to use her as leverage. Lorna suggests they come up with some of agreement with them as they have plenty of food they could trade with medicine. She says even though Jai's doing all he can Georgie might die without her medicine. Peter says they wouldn't want that as she's the closest thing Beatrice has to a mother nowadays. As they bicker, Elaine enters. Peter tells Henry they will give him some space.

Blaine is confused as to why Noah looks displeased. Noreen calls Blaine over to something and Noah is left alone. Coleman rushes over and asks for help in dealing with Catelyn as she has gone into shock and he needs someone to hold her down while he administers pain relief. Noah agrees to help.

Henry tells Elaine, who is lying on the bed and refusing to talk, that he will give her some time as she's been gone all night and is clearly upset. He insists they will talk about it later. He then heads outside to join Peter, Aimi, and Drew as they leave to meet up with Lorna and head to Noah's facility. Drew tells Aimi he knows she asked him and Shiro along knowing full well Shiro was about to go on watch. She admits she wanted to get to know her brother's boyfriend better. They run into Charlotte, Shiloh, Bobby, Lydia-Jean, and the newcomers as they leave. Henry agrees to let Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel stay as Charlotte can vouch for them. Henry tries to talk to Shiloh, but he brushes him off. Charlotte reveals they had a run-in with Alexis.

Coleman thanks Noah for his help and says he got the bullet out of Catelyn's leg but she's still bleeding. Noah tells him to step outside for some air. He assures him that even if she passes away, he has done all he can. Noah then asks about the community and casually mentions he spoke to Michael a few days ago. Coleman says he might be talking about Monty as there was a Michael in Victoria, but he passed away months before. Noah is stunned. Coleman tells Noah about Michael's lab and then heads back inside to check on Catelyn. Noah heads on over to find out more.

As Daniel sleeps, Bernadette confesses to Luke that she killed Tariq. Luke is horrified and says Blaine might have killed Jasmin after what happened. He says Bernadette could have shot the wall or ground just as easily if she wanted to lure Blaine away from the gate. Bernadette is angry and says she is astounded by Luke's ungratefulness. She shocks Luke by saying he should thank her for what she did.

Charlotte approaches Shiloh and tells him to try and cut Henry some slack. He says he loves her but asks she stay out of it. She says she will but she won't take his side if she thinks he's wrong. He tells her he wouldn't ask her to. They hug.

Noah has an unsuccessful search for information in Michael's lab and is caught by Alexis, Blaine, and Jenson. The truth about Noah's motives are revealed and Alexis is furious. Noah assures them if he had got his way, found Michael, and extracted him, he wouldn't have leave Victoria high and dry as he would've given them supplies. Alexis reveals she moved Michael's research and Noah isn't getting any of it. Noah says they can come up with a deal, but Alexis claims she isn't interested. Noah asks to leave, but Blaine is unwilling. Noah reminds them he meant what he said the first time he met them about him always having a plan in place with his people if he doesn't return. They let him go, much to Blaine's anger. Alexis tells Blaine that Noreen, who can track, should follow him back to his base. Alexis is then told by Coleman that Catelyn is still bleeding and needs to ask around town for more blood. Alexis orders him to let her go as she's wasted enough resources as it is. She then says she will raise her baby.

On their way to Noah's base, Peter and Lorna continue to squabble. Henry tells Peter that he should ignore her if he has nothing to say. When Peter accuses him of excusing Lorna's behaviour, Henry says he's not as it's just as despicable for Lorna to abandon Beatrice as it was for Karen to abandon him but people respond to trauma differently and Peter and Lorna handled Milo's death in different ways. When Aimi is almost bit from a zombie hidden in a bush, Drew saves her. When Drew realises Aimi wants to give her the protective big sister talk, he assures her he likes Shiro a lot and doesn't intend to hurt him. He says it's nice to see a sister who cares as when he came out to Vicky, her and their father agreed he keep it to himself to spare embarrassment. He tells Aimi he's not opposed to the two of them getting to know each other. He says his favourite colour is green and when Aimi asks what his spirit animal is, he says that will do.

On his way back to his facility, Noah comes face-to-face with Lorna and the others and holds them at gunpoint. Noah says he's astounded Lorna has the nerve to show her face. Lorna says a friend of theirs is in trouble and if he's willing to trade medicine for food. He says he's not interested. Peter says if he wants information on Michael then they may be able to help as someone from their camp (Charlotte) worked with him on a few of his experiments. Noah lowers his gun.

Catelyn wakes just after Coleman administers a drug that will euthanize her. He somberly says he doesn't want her to suffer. Knowing she is going to die, Catelyn requests that Zahra raise her son and begs for the secret she confided in him and Michael about when she arrived at the complex to remain a secret. Coleman promises. Catelyn then goes to tell Coleman what to name her son, but she passes away. Coleman breaks down.

Blaine and Jenson inform Alexis that Noreen tracked Noah to his base and saw him talking with Lorna and Peter and his people. Alexis is enraged and shouts, waking the baby and causing him to cry. Alexis kicks Blaine and Jenson out. As they arrive outside, Jenson is furious to discover the smug satisfaction on Blaine's face. Jenson says he knows Blaine is hoping to settle an old score with Lorna and get payback on Peter's group after what happened on the warehouse and will do anything possible to fulfill his blood-lust. Blaine asks if he's that transparent. Jenson says it's a good job he will be there to stop him. Meanwhile, Alexis soothes the baby to sleep, and names him Stephen, after her late husband.



  • Last appearance of Michael Lewis. (Dream)
  • Last appearance of Catelyn.
  • This episode marks the twenty-fifth appearances of Alexis and Angie.
  • The title of this episode is a paraphrased quotation from the Book of John in the Bible.
    • It also calls back to Eli's line in the previous episode as he corrupted Lorna's memories of her wedding to Peter.
  • Lorna is reunited with Georgie and sees Beatrice for the first time since Running From The Dead, twenty-four episodes earlier.
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