Name Noah Ashby
Age 40-42
Gender Male
The Stand
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
The Stand to present

Noah Ashby is is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is introduced as a mysterious leader of a community who live in a high-tech underground facility.


Nothing is known about Noah's early life.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Nothing is known about what happened to Noah after the apocalypse other than he took refuge and led a community situated in a high-tech underground facility. For some unknown reason, he and his group began to try locating pathologists.

Season TwoEdit

The StandEdit

Noah speaks over the phone to Anthony about the on-going search for pathologists in the Summerlyn City area and beyond. He is told the disappointing news of the confirmed deaths of three high-profile, distinguished scientists but is told Michael Lewis has been located. Upon learning that the safe-town where Michael is staying is winning a fight with the undead that have breached the compound, it's decided they will wait until the right moment before paying Michael a visit.

Seconds OutEdit

Diego and Claire, two members of Noah's community, arrive at the facility with an unconscious Lorna Thompson who has lost a lot of blood due to a gunshot wound. Noah tells Diego he understands his desire to save people but they can't afford to take in strangers. Diego says they found Lorna close to Victoria, so by saving her it might put them in good standing with Michael Lewis's group. Noah agrees and upon discovering Lorna is in coma, he says they shall see how it goes.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Several months later, Noah speaks to Anthony over the phone. He is told Beckett is threatening to stop her work because of Cheung. Noah claims Beckett is the priority. Gwen enters and reveals Lorna is awake. Noah introduces himself to Lorna and explains he kept her alive for momentary gain as it would put him in favour with her people immediately. Lorna lies and confirms she is from Victoria. He reveals he is seeking to meet with Michael. He is unaware Lorna killed him the day before they rescued her.

Noah heads to visit Victoria and is introduced to Alexis Norton and her main guards Blaine and Jenson. Noah tells them about his community and says they can combine forces and re-claim Summerlyn. Blaine asks what's to stop them taking everything he has for themselves. Noah makes it clear he has a plan in place in case they try anything. Alexis agrees to work with him. When he tells them about Lorna, he is stunned to learn the truth about her. Alexis requests he bring Lorna to her so she can kill her.

Back at his facility, Cecilia Martinez asks how it went. Noah stuns Cecilia by filling her in on everything. Cecilia says it's barbaric to hand over Lorna. Noah says they have no choice as they want Alexis to believe the fable of their communities working together so it will be easy to extract Michael. Cecilia says she saved Lorna's life and used their resources to keep her alive all this time only for them to hand her over to certain death. She insists they not do it as it's not who they are, but Noah makes it clear their hands are tied and it's already done.

No DemocracyEdit

On the day he was supposed to hand Lorna over to Alexis, Noah is annoyed to discover Cecilia has told her, but she points out there's no way she can escape. She tells him he can be mad all he likes but she did the right thing as it's bad enough they're going to hand her over, she doesn't want to lie to her as well. Noah says he can't be mad as Cecilia hasn't done anything wrong. Cecilia asks when it's happening and when Noah tells her it's that night, she again asks if there's any other way out of it. Noah says there isn't. Later, Noah is stunned and furious to discover Lorna has escaped. Noah anxiously says this makes it incredibly difficult to extract Michael peacefully. Cecilia asks Noah what he's going to do now. He says he doesn't know.

Later that night, as Noah goes to tell Alexis what happened, he stumbles across Bernadette, Luke, and Daniel, who have just escaped from Victoria. Luke knocks Noah out. He regains consciousness to Blaine kneeling over him. Blaine tells him he ran into a group of their people who stole from them and then escaped. He demands to know where Lorna is. Realising he can use the break-out to his advantage, Noah pretends to be shocked that Lorna isn't present. Upon returning home, Noah tells Cecilia what has happened and says they are in the clear.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Diego wakes Noah in the middle of the night and takes him to the infirmary, where Elaine, who has been searching for his community in order to discover the location of somebody Noah's people are in contact with, is being held. Noah threatens Elaine to keep away and stop looking for them. Later, Cecilia wishes Noah luck as he heads to Victoria to ask for a tour and to meet with the residents. When he arrives, he discovers Alexis is out of town and Blaine gives him a tour instead. Noah is later recruited by Richard Coleman to help administer pain relief to a severely wounded Catelyn. From Coleman, Noah discovers Michael is dead and he had a lab. He heads over to search it but is caught by Alexis, Blaine, and Jenson, and his true motive for befriending Victoria is revealed. They reluctantly let him go to avoid a clash with his people.

As he edges closer to his facility, he spots Lorna alongside Peter, Henry, Aimi, and Drew and holds them at gunpoint. He lowers his gun when it's revealed they want to propose a trade: in exchange for medicine, they will give Noah information about Michael, as a fellow member of their group worked with him on several of his experiments before he died.

One Fell SwoopEdit

In order to provide protection for an upcoming meeting with Midway, Noah recruits Jock to keep an eye on proceedings. Cecilia asks why the meeting is going ahead as there's no guarantee the rival group have any noteworthy information on Michael's experiments. Noah admits he's doing it as a morale boost for Beckett as she lost three of her team the night prior. During the meeting, Noah is introduced to Charlotte, who worked with Michael. He is dismayed and irritated to discover she only did so over the course of a few days. She states he shared quite a bit with her but Noah is dubious. The meeting is ambushed from afar by Blaine, and he opens fire, killing Niko and Calvin and wounding several others. Noah, Diego, and Claire flee back to the facility, with Peter, Charlotte, Javier, Bobby, and an injured Angie in tow.

As Cecilia saves Angie, Noah tells Peter that Alexis is responsible. Soon after, several more of Peter's group turn up. Lorna says she wishes she had killed Alexis instead of Michael, and Noah overhears, and is furious. He demands she leave, and she does so. Noah asks Peter what is wrong with Lorna and what motive could she have had for killing Michael. He is taken aback when Peter talks about Milo, and how Michael claimed Lorna was like the man who killed him. Noah later gets word that Jock was killed.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Cecilia approaches Noah and shares her disbelief that there are just five of them left now. She shares her guilt over tending to Angie instead of checking on Hailey, who killed herself after learning of Niko's death. He makes it clear she is to stop dwelling over things she had no control over. Noah later lends a vehicle to Angie and Bobby so they can go home and attend Aimi's funeral.

End of This PlaceEdit

Henry is furious when Noah refuses to involve his people in a retaliation attack against Victoria after Midway is destroyed in an explosion and several of his people are killed. Noah insists he is sorry, but says he can't risk losing what's left of his people for the sake of revenge. Noah says Henry's people can stay for as long as they need, but that's all the help he can offer. Noah finds Elaine in his bedroom and she blackmails him into keeping quiet about her connection to his people by threatening to expose Cheung to Henry's group, who might find "what he has" appealing.

Noah faces anger from Diego and Claire, who are insistent on getting their own back for Niko and Jock. Noah admits to Cecilia that he hasn't heard anything from their associates in days and that they haven't seem interested in talking since he delivered the bad news about Michael's death. Noah says he got through to Anthony the night before and he said they are busy and he would get back to them at some point over the next few weeks. Cecilia, disappointed, says she thought they were almost out of the facility. Noah says they should help attack the town as it could be their last chance to get something useful as Alexis knows where the work Michael did before he died is located. Noah, Diego, Claire, and many of Henry's group head to Victoria to attack and are successful in killing Blaine and his group. Noah prevents Angie from killing Alexis and when she says she destroyed Michael's research but memorised it, Noah isn't sure if he believes her, but decides to take her prisoner. He takes her back to his facility.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Noah has killed:

  • Casey
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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