Name Rachel
Age 25-28
Gender Female
In Sickness and In Health...
Profession Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Ethnicity Asian
In Sickness and In Health...
to present

Rachel is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. She is a loyal, tough woman who helps keep the town of Midway safe.


Nothing is known about Rachel's life before the apocalypse.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Nothing is known about what happened to Rachel during the early days of the apocalypse. At some point, she ended up at Midway.

Season TwoEdit

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

Rachel is first seen when she and Calvin introduce themselves to Georgie Rutherford, a new arrival at Midway. Georgie also introduces herself and tells them that Beatrice, the young girl with her, isn't her daughter, but the daughter of a friend. Rachel asks how she's settling in. Georgie responds that it's a little surreal. Rachel tells her that everybody thinks that to begin with. They also mention that to begin with, the town was nothing but an empty rooftop with Calvin, Donna, and several others camping out in sleeping tents and armed with kitchen knives. Rachel apologises to Georgie upon realising they've been talking at her. Georgie tells them it's fine, she's just worried about her group as there's a lot of them yet only she and Beatrice are accounted for so far. She insists her friends are alive when Calvin mentions how dangerous it is out there. Georgie then excuses herself and declines an offer from Rachel to watch Beatrice, as Donna enters and tells Georgie that Henry wants to speak to her.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Later that day, whilst gardening, Rachel tells Annette she should take it easy, but Annette responds she's capable of pulling her own weight. She is also present when Georgie meets Penny and her dog Dolly for the first time.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Rachel is on watch during the night when she scolds Drew for deciding to leave for a walk. He ignores her protests that he stay and he collects a samurai sword he had stashed in bush. Just then, Dwayne rushes over, with dozens of zombies giving chase. He collapses by Drew, who leaps into action and begins taking out zombies. Rachel, who sees the chaos, rushes down to help. Henry and the other residents of Midway are awakened and many hurry down to assist. After the threat is disposed of, everybody heads back upstairs, where Henry suggests they all all return to bed.

The following morning, Henry discovers via Rachel about several of the survivors going out to get drunk the night before. Sometime after, Sean approaches Annette, who is sitting and talking with Rachel. Annette rudely rebuffs Sean's attempt to talk and makes it clear she was in a conversation with Rachel. A hurt Sean apologises and leaves. Rachel tells Annette she was harsh and tells her that pushing people away will get her no where.


After Annette passes away in her sleep, Rachel and Penny gather outside her tent and comfort each other. Henry and Felicia are also present. When Peter and Aimi come over, Henry confirms the news of her passing. Sean is in shock and demands and explanation. Felicia reveals Annette was diagnosed with cancer a few years previously and earlier this year she was told it was terminal. Mere weeks later, the pandemic started, so there wasn't enough time for Annette to fully accept the news she didn't have long left. Sean is furious and calls Annette a selfish cow, as he can't believe she didn't tell him and give him some warning as they grew to care for one another. Rachel says that Annette didn't want the cancer to stop her from ruining her life and that it was never her intention to hurt Sean. Devastated, Sean walks away, before falling to his knees, overcome with emotion.

Later, Rachel, Peter, Georgie, Aimi, Shiloh and Penny sit round the campfire and discuss Annette. Rachel explains Annette didn't want her diagnosis to affect the rest of her time and that when Rachel tried to convince her to tell Sean about her illness, she would argue back that with the way life is now, everybody is terminal to a certain extent. She also explains that Annette ended up out-living all her relatives after all the care they had given her and that it made her think her illness wasn't worth paying attention to. Rachel later witnesses Sean making his way to the pub to drown his sorrows.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Rachel attends Annette's funeral with many other residents of Midway, but the service is gatecrashed by Sean, much to Rachel's upset. Jai eventually knocks him out to stop things from escalating further.

Last OrdersEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Victoria a few days later to discuss the release of Drew who has been taken prisoner, Rachel is among those to go along. When Peter's estranged wife Lorna turns up to kill Alexis, bringing dozens upon dozens of zombies with her, Rachel helps fight them off. She and the others then witness the death of Sean, who was bitten after pushing a zombie away from Peter.

The StandEdit

Rachel returns to Midway along with the rest of the survivors. She remarks to Dwayne and Shiloh that there was a moment earlier where she never thought she would see the place again.

Seconds OutEdit

The following day, Rachel attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, Henry asks Rachel, who is on-watch, if she has seen Elaine. She suggests he ask Dwayne as his shift ended an hour previously.

No DemocracyEdit

Rachel doesn't appear in this episode but it's mentioned Beatrice puked in her hair.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Rachel introduces herself to newcomer Jasmin. When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah Ashby's community to discuss a trade, Rachel goes along. The meeting is ambushed by Blaine Monteghue. Calvin is killed and Angie, Shiloh, and Dwayne are hit. Donna and Rachel rush Dwayne to the truck. Donna overrules their protests against taking the truck and leaving everyone, but Donna says they need to get Dwayne back as it's every man for himself. Upon arriving back, Rachel breaks the news of what happened to Lydia-Jean and Georgie, who is devastated to learn of Calvin's death. Felicia is unable to save Dwayne. Later, Henry addresses the community and says they will make Alexis pay for what she's done.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Rachel and Henry welcome Angie and Bobby home from Noah's community, after Angie was recovering from being shot. Rachel later attends Aimi's funeral with the rest of the survivors from Midway.

Now. Before. After.Edit

When Blaine, with inside help from Jasmin, destroys Midway with a bomb, Rachel is horrified as Felicia and Penny were among those killed in the blast. She cries for her lost friends. She then joins the rest of the survivors as they head to Noah's facility.

End of This PlaceEdit

The group lie low at the facility and rest overnight before leaving to finally confront Blaine and Alexis in Victoria. They attack and a deadly gunfight ensues in which Jai and Rachel kill Yvonne. After their group is successful at taking out Blaine and his group and Alexis is apprehended, Rachel heads back to the facility with several others.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Rachel has killed:

  • Yvonne (Alongside Jai)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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