Safe and Sound
Season 1, Episode 12
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin
Bobby de Luca
Beatrice Thompson
Amar Patil
Big Pete
Richard Coleman
James Jenson**
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

Hello, Charlotte. You're late.

Eli Loche

"Safe and Sound" is the twelfth episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was published for the first time on June 14th 2015.


The main group of survivors face problems with a horde of undead as they ransack a hospital in Summerlyn City to look for medicine for Georgie. Meanwhile, a shocking secret about Charlotte is revealed. Elsewhere, Alexis begins to welcome newcomers to the complex, while Vicky is left angered by Alexis taking control.


At the hospital in Summerlyn City, Peter grows impatient as the group are separated whilst searching for medicine for Georgie. Joy tells him that some of the others are checking out another supply room, which Peter doesn't understand, as they have more than enough supplies. Meanwhile outside the hospital, Sean, who has been left on watch, grows frustrated as he waits for the others. He remains unaware that a horde of zombies are making their way down a road nearby.

Back at camp, Georgie is insistent on going to fetch the others from Summerlyn due to the large group of zombies she saw heading for the city. Javier points out that she is no position to travel, but she is adamant. Javier helps her up as she falls to the floor. He picks up Beatrice and helps to support Georgie to bed.

At the swimming center base, Big Pete, Cassie and Joel request a word from Eli. They ask if he had their old friend, Jesse, killed after he escaped from the base. Eli tells them he didn't as he would be long gone by now anyway. He then excuses himself as he has other business to attend to. After he's gone, the trio speculate on whether he can be trusted.

Out in the ruins of Summerlyn, a small group of survivors panic as a large group of zombies surround them. One of the survivors, Leah, is grabbed and bitten in the neck as Richard Coleman watches on in horror. He begs Steph to help her, but she tells him it's too late for her. Their fellow survivor Jeff tells them that the rest of their friends are gone. They don't have time to mourn as the undead close in. As they flee, Coleman is grabbed and pulled to the floor, but he is saved by Alexis, who leads the survivors into the housing complex. They're amazed to find a community completely protected by walls. They're introduced properly to Alexis and Victoria, whom Alexis silences when she tries to act as co-leader. The trio of survivors agree to stay.

At the hospital, Sean finally spots the massive crowd of undead. He panics but reassures himself that whilst they make no noise, the zombies will continue on their way. Unfortunately for him, Jai just happens to shoot a zombie who grabbed him in the hospital. Sean screams in horror as the undead begin to make their way straight for them.

Shiro, Angie and Bobby check on Jai, who assures them that he's fine. A concerned Aimi turns up and tells the group that they should look outside.

Charlotte approaches Sean, who prepares himself for a fight as the zombies draw closer. She leaves him behind as she scouts ahead through the woods to check just how many corpses there are. Just then, Aimi and the others regroup with Peter and Joy. They tell them about the massive amount of zombies outside. Aimi rushes out to Sean, who is busy fighting off the undead. She goes to prepare the cars but spots Charlotte running through the trees in the distance. Confused and intrigued, she follows.

Upon arriving outside, Peter, Jai and Shiro help Sean fight off the undead. At the same time, Aimi continues her search for Charlotte. She shoots a zombie dead but is unaware of one creeping up on her from behind. She is grabbed and pulled to the ground. Before she can fight the zombie off or be bit, Jesse leaps down from the trees and saves her. Aimi thanks him and asks who he is. He stays quiet, and instead tells her that the woods aren't safe and that she should leave. She assures him that in spite of what he's just witnessed, she can handle the undead. Jesse remarks that the zombies weren't the threat he was referring to. Just then, Shiro appears in the background, calling for Aimi. She calls him over. When he arrives, Jesse vanishes. Aimi is taken aback but says nothing and follows Shiro as he leads her back towards the hospital.

Elsewhere in the woods, Charlotte takes out a roaming zombie. She walks on and comes across another, who is shot by Eli. Charlotte raises her bow, but quickly lowers it upon spotting him. He says hello to her and says "you're late", hinting that their meeting was planned.

At the housing complex, Alexis sees the latest arrivals into their new home. She asks Coleman, who is a doctor, if he'll be willing to help set up an infirmary in one of the old temping offices. He agrees and comments that it'll be a great idea. Alexis asks Steph if Jeff is all right, as he's hiding away upstairs. Steph remarks that they lost a lot of good people today, including Leah. She says Jeff will be fine and that he just needs time. The trio remain unaware however, that Jeff is in the bedroom inspecting a bite on his palm.

It's revealed that Charlotte has been working with Eli all along. She insists that they're done as she did what he asked and lured Peter's group into the city back when she first met them. Eli reminds her that she only managed to get Peter and Shiro there, and not any of the others. Charlotte demands that somebody close to her, whom Eli is holding hostage, be released back to her. Eli asks if she's sure, as she's having such a nice time in his care and his men have given her a seeing to. Enraged, Charlotte raises her bow at Eli, who backs down and assures her he was joking. Charlotte points out that they had a deal and Eli tells her they still do, but he requires something else of her. Charlotte refuses and demands to know why Eli can't leave Peter and the others alone, as they're good people. Eli tells her it's not up for negotiation. Charlotte threatens him and points out there's nothing stopping her from killing him and going to fetch her mother herself. Eli reminds Charlotte that he never goes anywhere alone and that her mother would be dead within minutes if she did anything to him. Charlotte tells him she despises him and he tells her to shut up so he can tell her what he expects of her next.

Peter and the others have arrived back at camp without Charlotte, and Peter stands on watch to look for her. Shiro approaches him and tells him to come back as Joy's prepared dinner. He tells Peter he shouldn't worry about Charlotte as she can take care of herself, but he remains worried. Shiro walks away and tells him he can't worry about every little thing, and sometimes he's just gotta let things be.

Jai tends to Georgie as Joy and Bobby watch over. He gives them the good news that the medicine should get her back to normal within a few days. Joy expresses her relief and says she doesn't know what she would do without Georgie's smiling face to wake up to everyday. Jai agrees.

Javier checks on Beatrice, who is being looked after by Angie. She tells Javier she's really impressed by how he looked after Beatrice and Georgie whilst they were away. He tells her it was nothing, but Angie refuses to hear it and thanks him.

Close-by, Sean notices that something is wrong with Aimi, who is staring absentmindedly over the lake. He asks if she's all right and she tells him she is, but that she doesn't want to talk. He reminds her that the world is a lonely place, now more so than ever. He leaves her be but assures her he's there should she need him.

Evening falls at the housing complex and Victoria pays a visit to Alexis in one of the temp offices, where she has set up a home and an office. She asks her why she's staying there when there are four vacant houses right outside. Alexis tells her she prefers to keep her distance and have her own quarters, especially if they're going to let more people in. Victoria asks why exactly they're going to let others in. Alexis tells her they're going to build a community as there's safety in numbers from threats like Eli and the zombies.

When Alexis takes a seat behind her desk, Victoria becomes angry and asks why she's acting like some sort of headmistress. Alexis assures her it's just a formality and that they'll need a structure if they hope to get the town functioning and somebody has to be in charge. Victoria demands to know why it should be her as the complex belonged to her father and she points out that Alexis isn't exactly a people person. Victoria tries to argue the point that the complex should rightfully belong to her as her father is most likely dead. Alexis sarcastically tells her to appoint a lawyer. The two continue to argue, culminating in insults and even threats. Victoria storms out and leaves.

Eli returns to the swimming center, where Amar welcomes him back. Amar asks how it went with Charlotte, and Eli responds that she didn't like what he had to say, but that she's going to do as she's told. Elsewhere, Charlotte makes her way back alone to the survivors camp, where she replays the conversation she had with Eli way back before she first met Peter and the others, and the orders she received to infiltrate them and her reluctance to do so.


  • Leah
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • First appearance of Richard Coleman.
  • First appearance of Steph.
  • First appearance of Jeff.
  • First appearance of James Jenson, without lines. He is introduced properly and named in the episode Clash.
  • First appearance of Trudy, without lines. She is introduced properly and named in the episode Old Friends, New Enemies.
  • First appearance of Monika, without lines. She is introduced properly and named in the episode In Sickness and In Health...
  • First (and last) appearance of Leah.
  • First (and last) appearance of Summerlyn Hospital.
  • The title of this episodes comes from Charlotte's insistence that her mother be returned to her "safe and sound."
    • Peter said a similar line in the previous episode: "They’ll be back, Bobby. All of them. Safe and sound."
  • The original title for this episode was "Somewhere Safe."
  • This is the first episode since Overrun to feature all main characters and is the third and final of the season overall to do so.
  • This episode features the highest amount of zombies in one place at once, with at least one hundred and sixty appearing in the scenes where the group escape from the hospital.
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