Samantha's Shack
Owned by Unknown (pre-apocalypse)
The Choice
Winterhodge Again
Status Abandoned
The Choice to Winterhodge Again

Samantha's Shack was a small storage building located on the outskirts of Summerlyn City.

General InformationEdit

Little is known about the origin of the shack other than it was possibly used by a farmer for storage. After the apocalypse it was found by Samantha Layton and her daughter Charlotte and they stayed there for a while presumably due to its remote location. However, they were eventually found by Eli Loche, who took Samantha hostage and used her as ransom in order to get Charlotte to act as a spy for him.

Upon fulfilling her duties, Charlotte was sent back to the shack to reunite with her mother. Upon entering, Charlotte found a dead zombie on the floor with a knife nearby. Suddenly, a closet door opened and Samantha came rushing out as a zombie. A devastated Charlotte took her out. She sat with her mother's body for a moment before leaving to kill Eli.

After killing Eli, Charlotte returned to the shack some hours later alongside Bobby de Luca. She carried her mother outside, buried her and then sat beside her grave for a while before she and Bobby moved on.

Known InhabitantsEdit

Former InhabitantsEdit

  • Samantha Layton
  • Charlotte Layton



  • An unnamed zombie
  • Samantha Layton


  • Due to Charlotte finding a dead zombie, a knife, and Samantha in the closet, it can be presumed that Eli put a live zombie into the shack and locked it in with Samantha to see if she would survive, or to amuse himself. Samantha managed to take out the zombie, but was bitten before doing so. She then shut herself in the closet in order to protect Charlotte from her, as she knew was coming later.
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