Name Shiloh Jones
Age 24
Date of
January 27th, 1990
Gender Male
Dead Man's Trigger
Profession Unknown
Family Henry Jones (Father)
Karen Jones (Mother, deceased)
Louise Jones (Sister, deceased)
Joey Jones (Brother, deceased)
Ben (Pet Dog)
Charlotte Layton (Girlfriend)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Mixed race
Dead Man's Trigger to present

Shiloh Jones is a main character and survivor in The Last Ones. In his first appearance, he saves Georgie Rutherford and Beatrice Thompson from zombies and his identity is a mystery, until two episodes later when he is revealed to be the son of Henry and Karen Jones. He was wrongly believed to have died at the start of the outbreak and later reunited with his father, who began to lead the safe-town Midway. Shiloh eventually forms a firm friendship with Donna and a romantic relationship with Charlotte Layton.


Little is known about Shiloh's early life other than he was the eldest child of Henry and Karen Jones. He had two younger siblings, Louise and Joey. The family brought Ben, a Siberian Husky for Shiloh as a birthday present a few years before the start of the apocalypse.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season OneEdit


During the early days of the outbreak, Shiloh and his family were hiding out in their home. A glass accidentally got smashed and lured the undead inside. Henry was forced to flee and drag Karen from the house after Louise and Joey were both grabbed and mauled. Shiloh, who was outside with Ben, ran inside to save his siblings. Ben followed. When Ben returned without Shiloh, Henry assumed Shiloh must have died as he claimed that he had never seen a dog so loyal to one person. Henry and Ben sat in the car for a while with Karen passing out from her trauma in the backseat. Henry claimed he waited for almost an hour for his children to emerge, but none of them did. Eventually, the undead surrounding the car became too many and he was forced to drive away. Little did they know, Shiloh was still alive and had taken out every zombie in the house with a screwdriver. He also took out his siblings after they turned and waited a few days for the undead outside to disperse before taking Louise and Joey outside and burying them.

Shiloh eventually came across Midway, a safe-town situated on the rooftop of an old mall. Henry and Ben also found the same town some days after, thus reuniting the surviving members of the family.

Dead Man's TriggerEdit

As Georgie Rutherford heads into the woods with young Beatrice Thompson after fleeing her camp, she inadvertently runs into a big group of zombies. Her odds of survival seem slim until all of them are shot dead. Georgie turns and is stunned to see Henry and Karen's dog Ben standing alongside Shiloh, who is holding a large gun. He extends his hand and says "If you wanna live, lady, you should come with me."

Season TwoEdit

Old Friends, New EnemiesEdit

The next day, as Shiloh takes a minute to pee, Georgie runs away. She is returned by Shiloh's friend Donna, who saves her from zombies. Shiloh tells Georgie his true identity and says that his father sent him and Donna to find her and her people and bring them to safety once they got word Eli's men were attacking. Georgie is stunned to hear that Henry is alive and well, and follows Shiloh, Donna, and Ben as they make their way back to their camp.

Georgie is staggered and amazed when Shiloh and Donna introduce her to Midway, their town situated on the rooftops of an old mall. Georgie climbs the ladder and is stunned by the camp, which is filled with tents, make-shift buildings, a kitchen, a shower area, and a garden. Donna parts ways with the two as Shiloh gives Georgie a brief tour. They then run into Henry, much to Georgie's surprise and joy. Henry smiles and welcomes her to Midway.

Later, Shiloh interrupts a conversation between Henry and Georgie. Shiloh informs Henry that he and Donna have found Drew, who then comes inside. Drew makes it clear he didn't want to come back but that they made him. Henry tells Drew he's a part of this place and that they're a community who look out for each other. Drew remarks that he needs a sick bucket. He then leaves for his tent. Shiloh calls him a dickhead, causing Drew to extend his middle finger as he walks away. After he's gone, Shiloh suggests they kick him out, but Henry refuses, and states Drew's troubled and needs support, not judgement. He then asks Shiloh to show Georgie and Beatrice to a bed.

In Sickness and In Health...Edit

The following morning, Shiloh is present as Henry tells Georgie he is going back to her old camp to find their fellow friends.

On their way to Peter's camp, Shiloh and Donna argue about a group of zombies they had just shot and killed, as the two have devised a game where they earn points for the various body parts of the undead they hit. Shiloh reluctantly admits defeat at the hands of Donna, due to her incredible skill with a gun. They and Henry are then forced to take out more zombies when another group close-in. Donna hits the final one in the eye, declares herself winner and claims she will be having Shiloh's slice of Annette's cheesecake that night. Henry admits he isn't fond of the game they play, and despite their protests that the dead are dead and they try to kill them, Henry points out that they were once people, and even though they have no choice but to kill them, they at least deserve to be taken out with haste and dignity. When Shiloh asks what the point is, Henry insists they don't have to become heartless and becoming desensitised to the violence is no excuse. He then points out that Karen could likely be one now and if she was, he wouldn't find it so funny then. Enraged, Shiloh storms off ahead.

Upon arriving at the camp, Shiloh is introduced to Peter Thompson and the rest of his group. As Henry gathers several of the survivors to catch them up on what's happened with him, Shiloh walks away when he becomes irritated that Henry refuses to acknowledge that Karen committed suicide.

... Until Death Parts UsEdit

Later, Jai speaks at a funeral service for Joy as Shiloh, Henry, Aimi, Shiro, Javier, Sean, and Donna stand in quiet reflection, listening.

The entire group then leave for Midway sometime after.

Welcome to MidwayEdit

Upon returning to Midway, Shiloh checks on Donna, who gets angry when he doesn't believe that she's fine. She storms off. Georgie then walks over with Beatrice and thanks Shiloh for saving her a few night's ago and apologises for not thanking him then. He understands, and states that she had just lost her friend. Georgie bids him goodnight, but is stunned and excited when Shiloh reveals that her friends are in Midway.

During the night, the survivors are awoken by a disturbance when Dwayne inadvertently leads a large group of zombies to the town. As the zombies are taken out, Shiloh and Drew help Dwayne up to the town to safety. After the threat is disposed of, everybody heads back upstairs, where Henry suggests they all all return to bed. Wide awake after the drama, Shiro, Aimi, Georgie, Shiloh, Javier, and Calvin agree to Drew's invite to a nearby pub.

As Javier plays darts and Drew spends time alone in a room adjacent to the main area of the pub, the others decide to play a game of I Never. Shiloh mentions that his Dad thinks he is messed up. Georgie denies this and tells Shiloh that Henry is proud of him and Karen would be too if she was still alive. Shiloh gets angry and tells Georgie not to mention her name in front of him, which causes Shiro to leap to Georgie's defense, but Georgie and Aimi tell him to back down, as Georgie can fight her own battles. They then get back to the game, but it quickly turns nasty when Shiro and Aimi come to blows, leading the latter to storm off.

Just then, Donna enters, peeved that she wasn't invited along. She and Shiloh, who are both annoyed at Henry for different reasons, jokingly toast to him when Shiloh raises a glass and says "To my dick of a father." Having heard this, Javier comes over and tells Shiloh that Henry seems like a good man to him and that he shouldn't speak ill of his father as he's lucky to have him. Donna tells Javier to go back to playing his darts. Shiloh warns her to be careful. Javier picks up on this and says "I get it. You’ve heard about me, I see? I’m the criminal… the prisoner. You think I’m some sort of monster who might slit your throat if you fuck with me?" Shiloh tries to assure Javier he didn't mean anything by it. Javier points out that his past is exactly that and he shouldn't be judged for it. He then leaves. Donna remarks he'll probably kill them in their sleep.

The next day, Henry scolds Shiloh, Donna, Shiro, Aimi, Georgie, Javier, and Calvin for getting drunk, which he describes as counter-productive and idiotic. When Shiloh and Donna argue back, Henry shuts them both down and makes it clear he won't tolerate disrespect.


Shiloh joins Donna and Calvin in eating some of Georgie's cake she made from Annette's recipe.

Later, Shiloh and the rest of the community are upset to learn that Annette has passed away in her sleep. Shiloh, Georgie, Aimi, Peter, Rachel and Penny sit round the campfire and discuss Annette. Shiloh calls her the toughest woman he ever met and that he'll miss her. Georgie agrees.

That evening, Shiloh interrupts a conversation between Henry and Peter and reveals he spotted two men spying on them earlier but didn't say anything as he didn't want to create a panic and it appeared that the two men didn't appear to be a threat. When he describes one of the men as a balding red-head, Peter recognises it as Jenson, Alexis's main guard. Henry asks Peter what they should do. Peter explains she might not be posing them a threat. Drew then enters and tells them he was eavesdropping. He tells them Alexis killed his sister but she doesn't know he knows that, but it might make her take pity on him. He says he can find out what she's up to. Drew says they should send him in.

Trouble BrewingEdit

The following day, Shiloh attends Annette's funeral with many other residents of Midway, but the service is gatecrashed by Sean, much to Shiloh's anger. Jai eventually knocks him out to stop things from escalating further.

Later, Shiloh and Donna escort Drew to Victoria, where he will become a spy for Midway. Shiloh asks Drew if he's sure he's right to not be afraid of Alexis. Drew asks if they can walk in silence, which Donna seconds. As Drew heads into the complex, a nervous Shiloh watches with Donna from afar. She tells him to calm down and says that Drew is smart and they should give him a chance. They're shocked and angered to see Drew immediately apprehended, but they're left with no choice but to leave for Midway without trying to help him.

Upon returning home, Shiloh and Donna break the news to Henry, Peter, and Shiro. Henry realises Alexis and her people have also been monitoring them. Picking a wrong time to come in, Sean enters, but Henry and Shiloh rudely tell him to go away. Eventually, a fight breaks out between Henry and Sean and he is banished from Midway for good.

Last OrdersEdit

A few days on, Peter has a talk with Henry and implores him to give Sean another chance. Shiloh is angered and asks Peter why he is worrying about Sean with what his behaviour and an upcoming meeting with Alexis to discuss Drew being more important. When he calls Sean an offensive term, Peter gets to his feet and threatens Shiloh. A fed up Henry, who has grown tired of his son's attitude, kicks him out.

During the meeting in Victoria, Shiloh points out Alexis's hypocrisy and when she asks for weapons in exchange for Drew's release, Shiloh refuses. Soon after, Peter's estranged wife Lorna turns up. Lorna explains that she has come for Alexis because she very well contributed towards the death of her son. It's revealed Lorna opened one of the gates to the side of the complex and let a group of undead free from Michael's lab. Shiloh assists in dealing with the situation but Aimi has a near miss when she and Steph, a guard from Victoria, are both grabbed by zombies. Shiloh saves Aimi, but doesn't have time to save Steph, who dies. Shiloh then witnesses the arrival of Sean who pushes a zombie that pursues Peter to the ground, where he is bitten in the chest. They all watch with sadness and horror as Sean begs to be put of his misery, which Jai complies with by shooting him in the head.

The StandEdit

After it's decided that Henry and several others will remain in Victoria to try and stop Lorna, Shiloh offers to stay with his father, but he says he's needed to keep things going in Midway. Upon arriving back, Shiloh offers the newcomers Charlotte, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean a tour of the town. Shiloh asks Charlotte how good she is with her bow. She jokingly tells him if he gets on the wrong side of her, he'll find out.

Shiloh attempts persaude Donna she did everything she could for Sean. She insists she didn't do enough. She says she knew it was a bad idea to take a drunk Sean to the city, but she did it as the wanted to be a part of the action and she had a blood-lust. She asks what sort of person that makes her.

Seconds OutEdit

The day after Sean's death, Shiloh asks Shiro if he's seen Donna. Shiro reveals she went out on a run with Jai, Javier, and Drew. Shiloh says he's worried about Donna as she blames herself for Sean's demise. Shiro admits he too is concerned about Jai for the same reason. He says he hopes they are worrying over nothing. Later that day, Shiloh joins the other residents of Midway and attends Sean's funeral.

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Almost four months later, the residents of Midway now sleep in huts as the town has grown substantially. Shiloh has started a sexual relationship with Charlotte. He tells her she doesn't need to worry about people finding out. Charlotte reminds him there is no them and they agreed to keep things casual. She returns to her hut. Later, Charlotte tells Shiloh the good news about finding a warehouse full of food, but he is off with her. She asks why he's being short because. He asks why she cares if they only have sex for the sake of it. Charlotte irritably makes it clear it's not right for him to make out she's led him on as it was his idea to keep things casual between them. Shiloh says he's changed his mind. Charlotte insists it doesn't make her a bad person because she hasn't.

Quid Pro QuoEdit

The following day, Shiloh joins a group who head to the warehouse on a supply-run. They arrive at the same time as a rival group led by Jacquelyn, who unbeknownst to them, has struck a deal with Alexis. They decide to work together to clear the undead, bring out the crates, and split everything fifty-fifty. When everyone splits into groups, Shiloh and Charlotte watch with amusement as married couple Dominic and Heidi bicker. Charlotte apologises if she hurt Shiloh's feelings. He says she has nothing to apologise for as he was wrong to act as if she led him on. He says he know what it was between him and she didn't ask him to fall in love. This shocks Charlotte. He assures her he's not trying to guilt-trip her or get sympathy. He just wants her to know.

A shoot-out takes place after Jacquelyn goes back on her word and turns on the group. Shiloh kills Larry and shoots Dominic in the shoulder after he tries to attack Angie. After Jacquelyn's group are killed, her son Micah sneaks up behind Charlotte and takes her hostage. Shiloh sombrely begs for him to let her live. Peter saves Charlotte by shooting Micah dead. Charlotte then tells Shiloh she loves him too and the two embrace. The group then return to Midway.

No DemocracyEdit

Shiloh approaches Henry and asks if he's seen Elaine as she was supposed to be on dish washing duty with Penny but never showed up. Shiloh remarks she must be off on one of her walks. When Henry asks if he has something to say, Shiloh says he doesn't trust her. Henry tells him it doesn't matter if he doesn't as he's not the one in a relationship with her. Shiloh says Elaine grew very close to Clifford, the leader before him. Henry makes it clear to Shiloh he has a right to express how he feels but that will do now. Shiloh leaves after telling Henry to keep an eye on her.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

Henry and Shiloh argue after looking for Elaine, who hasn't returned from a walk. When Shiloh says he understands why Karen took her own life, an enraged Henry says he is ashamed to have Shiloh as a son. He storms off. Shiloh joins Charlotte on a hunt. She asks if their relationship is just about sex as he never wants to open up to her. He says he doesn't want to talk about his Dad. She tells him he was being pathetic and he doesn't realise how lucky he is to have a father who is still alive as she would do anything to have her mother. When he asks how she can say he's lucky to have Henry, she says her father was evil and that's why she killed him. She reveals her father was violent but Shiloh is alarmed to discover she did it before the apocalypse. She says if it changes his mind on them being together then it's his problem as she's not ashamed.

Before they can talk further, they are surrounded by zombies. Lydia-Jean and Bobby turn up to help, as do Alexis and Jenson, as she has been looking for Lydia-Jean. Lydia-Jean agrees to speak to Alexis alone. After, the group are shocked when Luke, Bernadette, and Daniel turn up. Alexis holds them at gunpoint, as they broke out from Victoria the night before. Charlotte intervenes and threatens Alexis. A furious Alexis leaves. Bernadette and Luke accept Charlotte's invitation to stay at Midway. Sometime after, Charlotte approaches Shiloh and tells him to cut Henry some slack. He says he loves her but asks she stay out of it. She agrees but she won't take his side if she thinks he's wrong. He says he wouldn't ask her to. They hug.

One Fell SwoopEdit

When a meeting is planned between Midway and Noah's community to discuss a trade of medicine for information on Michael, Charlotte tells Shiloh that for two people who fight, he and his father are sure alike. Shiloh disagrees and says if he's arrogant for wanting an apology from Henry, then so be it. Charlotte asks what happens if the meeting turns south and he or Henry are killed before they make amends. Shiloh says that won't happen. The meeting is ambushed by Blaine Monteghue from afar and he opens fire, killing Calvin, and wounding Angie, Dwayne, and Shiloh, who is shot in the leg. Henry grabs his son and gets him to safety. Still angry with his father for their previous arguments, Shiloh is resentful of his help and stubbornly tries to walk, but falls over. Henry tends to his leg.

Later, Henry and Shiloh stumble upon Jai, Shiro, and several others and are saddened to discover Aimi has been killed. After going to Noah's facility and regrouping with the others, Shiloh thanks Henry for saving him. That night, Henry gathers the residents of Midway and angrily tells them all about what happened. He says that tomorrow they will mourn their dead and then they will kill Alexis for what she did.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Two days after the ambush, Shiloh continues to recover. Charlotte finds Shiloh in the dining area and asks why he isn't in bed and resting his leg, but he says he doesn't need mothering. Elaine then walks over and gives Shiloh some salad for lunch, which he thanks her for. Charlotte is confused and says she thought Shiloh hated her. He says he doesn't trust her, but she offered, which irritates Charlotte. The two of them later join the other residents and attend Aimi's funeral.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Some days later, Charlotte is touched when Shiloh offers to let Ben stay with Georgie as she's been having trouble sleeping since Calvin's death. The next morning, Henry, who is unaware Blaine has set a bomb underneath Midway, decides to get a group together to go to Noah's to come up with a plan on attacking Victoria. He discovers from Drew that Shiro and Lorna left to attack Victoria by themselves during the night. As Henry, Shiloh, Donna, Jai, Drew, and Rachel leave Midway, Jasmin rushes down and is questioned as to what the commotion up in Midway is all about. Bernadette and Elaine come down just as the bomb detonates, destroying Midway and killing several residents. Henry is devastated. Bernadette reveals Jasmin has been working with Blaine. Henry shoots her in the chest. The survivors then leave for Noah's facility

End of This PlaceEdit

As the group lie low overnight at Noah's facility, Shiloh apologises to Henry for the loss of Midway. Henry says he's relieved he still has him, Elaine, and the people they are closet to but the loss of the most innocent people will stay with him forever. He admits he never thought he had the right to call Midway his and confesses that he killed the former leader, Clifford, who was a violent, impulsive, foul-tempered racist, by pushing him off the roof while he was drunk. Henry says he's telling Shiloh as he has no right to demand respect while keeping something like that from him. Shiloh assures him that while what he did wasn't noble, him taking over Midway was the best thing that ever happened to it and he led with dignity and compassion and for that he will always be proud. The two hug.

As the group fight at Victoria the following morning, Shiloh kills Mel and Carlos and Blaine is executed, leaving their group triumphant. As Henry and the others prepare to leave, Shiloh tells Henry he is waiting for Charlotte to free a prisoner and he will catch-up. Soon after, Shiloh, Charlotte, Angie, Diego, Zahra, and Stephen attempt to leave after meeting up with Javier, Bobby, and Lydia-Jean, but Monty holds them at gunpoint. Javier shoots Monty dead after he shoots Bobby in the leg, which causes Bobby to be grabbed and bitten by a zombie who appeared dead on the ground. Bobby screams for Javier to take Angie and go. A reluctant Javier does so. Charlotte demands Shiloh hang back with her and take out the dead so she can put Bobby out of his misery. She puts an arrow in his head, ending his suffering. The two then catch up with the others.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Shiloh has killed:


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