Name Stephen
Age Days old
Gender Male
Stranger at the Door
Profession None
Family Catelyn (mother, deceased)
Alexis Norton (adopted mother)
Zahra (carer)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Stranger at the Door to present

Stephen is a recurring character and survivor in The Last Ones. He is introduced in the second season as his mother gives birth to him months into the zombie apocalypse.


Catelyn fell pregnant with her son several months before the apocalypse began.

Post ApocalypseEdit


Catelyn was involved in a car accident some weeks into the apoclpayse and became stuck under a car. She was rescued by Zahra. Catelyn had been bitten whilst under the car, but she was presumably stunned to discover she must be immune as she never turned, and nor did her unborn baby. Catelyn and Zahra travelled together for several months before coming across Victoria, a community they then joined.

Season TwoEdit

Stranger at the DoorEdit

Catelyn's baby son is born in the late autumn of 2014 in Victoria. Richard Coleman and Trudy assist in the birth. The leader of Victoria, Alexis Norton turns up to offer her congratulations to Catelyn, who reveals she hasn't yet come up with a name. Alexis remarks her son is a history maker as he is the first baby to born in Victoria. She decides to throw a feast for the community later to celebrate.

No DemocracyEdit

When Catelyn and Zahra take part in an escape attempt orchestrated by Bernadette, Catelyn is shot in the leg by Steve.

Let No Man Put AsunderEdit

When Coleman struggles to save Catelyn's life after little to no improvement, Alexis orders that she be let go. In her final moments, Catelyn requests to Coleman that Zahra raise her son and begs for the secret she confided in Coleman and Michael over to remain so. After Catelyn's death, Alexis decides to raise the baby and names him Stephen, after her late husband.

One Fell SwoopEdit

Coleman approaches Alexis as she takes Stephen out for some fresh air. He reveals Catelyn was about to tell him what to call the baby before she died. Alexis says Stephen suffices. Coleman says that Stephen is special. Alexis agrees and says he might be the only baby his age alive. It's clear this is not what Coleman meant. Alexis asks if there's something he wants to say, but he walks off.

Significant SayonoraEdit

Coleman reveals Catelyn's secret to Alexis: both Catelyn and Stephen survived turning after she was bitten: meaning they are both immune. Alexis is stunned. Stephen's life is left in danger as Donna drives a car into Victoria and leads the undead inside, as revenge for Blaine killing several of her friends. Stephen, who had been alone and sleeping soundly in Alexis's quarters, wakes suddenly and begins crying.

Now. Before. After.Edit

Stephen is approached by a zombie which nears his crib as he cries, but he is rescued by Alexis and Coleman, who together watch as Blaine forces Trudy to lead the zombies out of Victoria. After Coleman's stunning revelation about Stephen being immune, Alexis believes she must do whatever it takes to keep him alive and protect him from their enemies at Midway, and thus she reluctantly gives Blaine permission to destroy their town with a bomb.

End of This PlaceEdit

During a final confrontation between Blaine's group and the survivors from Midway, Blaine is executed, the residents of Victoria are mostly wiped out, and Alexis is taken prisoner by Noah Ashby. He hands Stephen over to Angie, much to Alexis's upset. Stephen is later reunited with Zahra, whom the main group free from her confinement in the basement. She murders Coleman upon discovering he killed Catelyn on Alexis's orders. Zahra, carrying Stephen, then flees the town alongside Angie, Javier, Charlotte, Shiloh, Bobby, Lydia-Jean, and Diego. Unfortunately Bobby is killed by the undead as they successfully escape.

Kill CountEdit

This list shows the known victims that Stephen has killed:

  • None.


  • Stephen has appeared in seven episodes.
  • Out of all the main characters, Stephen has met Alexis, Blaine, Bernadette, Angie, Charlotte, Shiloh, Javier, and Bobby.
    • Stephen is the only recurring character still alive who hasn't met any of the survivors from the original group.
  • He is the only known baby to be born after the apocalypse.
  • Stephen is one of only two characters known to be immune from the undead illness, the other being his mother Catelyn. Stephen is the only one still alive.
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