The Acorn
Owned by Ed
The Acorn
The Acorn
Status Destroyed
The Acorn

The Acorn is a small pub located in the town of Winterhodge Hollow.

General InformationEdit

The Acorn was ran by Ed who presumably served as landlord for a good number of years. Among the many of its regulars were Sean O'Hara and Jimmy Doyle.

After the outdead outbreak, many regulars of the pub including Sean and Jimmy join Ed and take refuge in the watering hole. Eventually, the place is violently overrun by the undead and only Sean manages to escape with his life.

Some days later, Sean, who discovers he will be leaving Winterhodge Hollow for good, decides to visit the pub for one last drink. He is joined by Jai Patil, who refuses a drink but accompanies him nonetheless. Sean heads down to the cellar to fetch some stronger booze when he is almost killed by Ed's reanimated corpse, but he manages to dispose of him. The landlord was presumably bitten and then fled to the cellar, where he later died.

After opening up about their pasts and respective families, Sean and Jai decide to depart. Upon leaving, they spot a large group of zombies passing-by. To get away, Sean lures them inside and then sets fire to the pub, which quickly sets the zombies ablaze. Sean and Jai then escape from around the back and watch as the pub burns.



  • Jimmy Doyle - Killed when the undead overran the pub.
    • Possibly Jimmy's wife and child.
  • Ed - Killed when the undead overran the pub.
  • Potentially dozens of other regulars and staff.


  • The Acorn is the only building in the series to have an episode named after it.
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