The Olive Branch
Season 1, Episode 14
Written By Sam James Peck
Directed By Sam James Peck
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The Choice
Peter Thompson
Sean O'Hara
Shiro Kato
Aimi Kato
Eli Loche
Jai Patil
Joy Maybell
Angie de Luca
Alexis Norton
Javier Rodriguez
Georgie Rutherford
Charlotte Layton
Victoria Franklin*
Bobby de Luca
Beatrice Thompson**
Michael Lewis
Amar Patil
Bernadette Delacroix
Richard Coleman
Big Pete**
James Jenson
*Does not appear.
**Appears with no lines.

Right, Eli, you have five minutes. What is it you want?

Peter Thompson

"The Olive Branch" is the fourteenth episode of season one of The Last Ones. It was published for the first time on June 28th 2015.


The survivors are stunned when Eli and his followers enter camp and propose a truce. Meanwhile, Jai is horrified to see a demon from his past. Also, Alexis is confronted by Michael over what really happened to Vicky.


In the early hours of the morning after Victoria's death, Alexis and several residents of the housing complex gather outside the walls for a burial. Michael speaks at the service and says that he used to know Victoria well back in the day and that they used to ride to college on the same bus. Michael says she always made time for him, which was unusual for a girl so popular as he was considered a geek. He maintains that she was a sweet person, in spite of her privileged up-bringing. He then brings up her family, whom he reveals were devoted Catholics who did a lot for charity. Michael admits he's never believed in the after-life but points out he never believed in man-eating ghouls either. He expresses his hope that Victoria is with her father and the rest of her family in the afterlife. He then finishes up by saying "rest in peace, Vicky," as Alexis, her killer, stands blankly, without saying a word.

A few hours later at the camp of main group of survivors, Shiro approaches Aimi and points out she's up early for somebody who was on watch all night. She tells him she couldn't sleep as she had a bad dream. He asks if she wants to talk about it, but she says no. Shiro asks if it's about the man who saved her in the woods a few days before. Aimi explains it was a man who jumped down from the trees and saved her before quickly vanishing, and that she never even learned his name. He asks if she thought it was a guardian angel, as she used to believe in those sorts of things, which makes her angry as she assumes he is teasing her, which he denies. Aimi confesses it's not the stranger that's bothering her anyway, it's just the whole situation reminded her of the last time she narrowly cheated death, when Ollie came to her rescue when her recently reanimated mother was mere moments away from biting her. Shiro apologises to Aimi for never allowing her to talk about their mother and Ollie with him, but Aimi viciously points out that she'd never talk about Ollie with him as he hated him. Just then, Peter comes over to check on things and Aimi insists that they're fine. The three then raise their guns in shock and fright when Eli calmly walks into camp, with his followers in tow.

In a flashback set four days before, the rest of the conversation between Eli and Charlotte from their meeting in Safe and Sound is shown. She makes it clear to Eli that she will not kill any member of the group she has infiltrated. He orders her to shut up and discloses his plan to enter Peter's camp in a few days time with some of his people and that none of them will have their weapons drawn. Charlotte is stunned by this and makes it clear he'll be shot on the spot, but then tells him to do it. Eli makes it clear to Charlotte that the visit will be an amicable one, or he'll plan for it to be anyway.

Back in the present day, Charlotte watches with worry as Peter demands to know what Eli is doing in their camp. Eli tries to assure them he's just come to talk, but that angers Shiro, who demands to know why he thinks he can just walk into their territory. Joy and the other survivors are also stunned and alarmed by Eli's arrival and Peter orders Georgie to take Beatrice into a car and have it prepped in case they need to flee quickly. Eli tells Peter that won't be necessary but he tells him to shut up. Just then, a confused Jai approaches and is horrified when one of Eli's followers, Amar, greets him as his Uncle Jai.

At the housing complex, Alexis and Michael talk in one of the temporary offices where the corpse of zombified Jeff lies on a slab nearby. Alexis tells Michael what he said about Victoria at the funeral was nice, but admits she almost laughed when he said that Victoria used public transport, something she never did. Michael confesses he made that part up, but the rest of it is true. Alexis tells Michael that Coleman is fine with him examining Jeff's corpse but that it might be best for them to keep it from Steph, to avoid upsetting her. When Alexis asks what he's discovered so far, Michael reveals he hasn't had a spare minute but that Jeff managed to conceal his bite as it was just a small one on his palm. Alexis picks up on Michael's coldness with her and asks if things between them are all right as she's noticed he's been strange with her since Victoria died. He tells her he's sad about her passing. Alexis leaves him to it.

Everybody present at the survivors camp seem stunned to discover that Jai and Amar are related. Jai reveals he had a very large family and yet Amar, the one they disowned, deemed a monster and agreed to never speak of again, was the one who survived. He then says that Amar being alive when the rest of his family are not is the most unjust thing he has ever heard. When Amar gets snarky and mentions Jai's wife Suzanna, Jai becomes angered, raises his gun and threatens to kill him. Eli tries to calm the situation, but Sean insists that Jai is going the right way about things. Eli tries to convince the group that he wants to talk, but Aimi angrily tells him they're not in the talking mood. Charlotte and Joy manage to cool the situation by bringing up the fact that Eli and his group do not have their guns raised and Joy makes it clear that she isn't going to let any violence take place in front of Beatrice. Eli thanks Joy for being gracious and she responds by telling him to shut up. The guns are eventually lowered and Peter tells Eli he has five minutes.

Unaware of Eli's presence at the camp, Javier and Angie scan the nearby area whilst hunting. The two get on the subject of guns and Angie tells the story of how her father, a successful boxer, was shot by an infatuated fan. She then shares her opinion that she hates guns and even though they may be necessary now, they weren't before the dead started walking. The two then continue on their search for food.

Shiro, who converses with Eli alongside Peter, Sean and Joy by the campfire, continues to treat Eli with fiery hostility. Peter attempts to calm things down, but also reminds Eli that their discussion is not going to be civil. It's quickly established that Eli has been watching not just them, but Alexis and the people at the housing complex as well. He also informs them that he's aware Victoria visited them the day previously and that she was killed later that same night. Peter, Shiro and Joy seem shocked and in disbelief about the news of Victoria's passing and Eli stuns them further by revealing that Alexis let it happen.

In Summerlyn City, Coleman fills Alexis in on their supply of medicine and tells her they have plenty thanks to Jenson and his men raiding the nearby hospital. Coleman asks Alexis if she's all right after last night's tragedy and she tells him she has to be. He then apologises for going along with Victoria's lie and promises her he had no idea Jeff was bit. Alexis tells him not to worry. Jenson then enters and informs Alexis that there are a group of strange survivors outside the walls, looking for refuge. She instructs him to follow the protocol they spoke about: they’re to hand over all weapons. If they comply, they're allowed inside. If not, they are to be forced away, by any means necessary. Coleman tells Alexis to stay vigilant as she makes her way outside.

Back at camp, Aimi checks on a startled Jai. She tries to talk to him about Amar, but he tells her firmly he doesn't want to and upon being pressed further, he refuses to explain why he hates him so much. Jai apologises and tells Aimi that seeing Amar is very difficult for him. She asks if he's really his nephew. Jai confirms he is and says somberly that you can't choose your family. Aimi corrects him and says that you can. The two then hug and Jai confides something to her: he can't be around Amar.

Eli fills Peter, Joy, Sean and Shiro in on the details of Victoria's death: that somebody had turned inside the compound and Alexis stood back and did nothing as it devoured Victoria. The group are saddened by the news of her loss, but Joy points out Eli still hasn't explained why he has come to their camp. Eli reminds them that he has a strong camp and a safe-hold, somewhere much more secure than their camp. Eli proposes that they form an alliance and work together to swap and trade supplies. Joy tells Eli the group manage just fine on their own and he agrees and says his does too but that eventually and inevitably, Summerlyn and the other locations nearby will dry out. Peter shoots down Eli's proposition and explains that Eli's behaviour doesn't add up as he's the sort of man who kidnaps people for no reason and holds them hostage. He then reveals he's fully aware of what he did to Angie whilst she was his prisoner, including throwing in Donald's decapitated head when she and her friends tried to escape. Peter makes it clear to Eli he isn't going to have anything to do with him and his schemes. Eli tells Peter he's disappointed. Peter responds by coldly saying "cry me a river."

At the housing complex, the new survivors enter the compound. Alexis greets the group consisting of four adults and two children. Two of the former introduce themselves as Luke and Jasmin, but Alexis asks to skip the introductions as nothing is set in stone. She praises the group for agreeing to hand over their weapons but she also insists that they undergo private individual strip-searches by Coleman, in order to ensure none of them have been bit. The new arrivals seem taken aback by this, but when Alexis explains her reasoning (the death of Victoria) they agree to it. Watching from afar, is a disgruntled Michael.

Eli offers Peter one more chance to take his offer of an alliance. Peter confirms he would agree to a truce if he truly believed Eli meant it, but he makes it clear he could never trust him after everything that's happened. Eli says he is disappointed but proposes the group stay out of each other's way, which Peter agrees with.

Close-by, Amar approaches Georgie and little Beatrice and asks to hold her. Georgie declines and says it wouldn't be appropriate, but when he tries to change her mind, Georgie hands the child over to Bobby and tells him to take her away from Amar. Georgie demands an explanation for Amar's behaviour, which she deems creepy. Amar tells Georgie to calm down and calls her a bitch. Before things get heated further, Amar is shot through the head and killed instantly, much to Georgie's shock, who ends up covered in his blood. It's revealed that Jai was the one who pulled the trigger. Eli, who is enraged by the killing, is punched by Shiro, but he recovers quickly and punches him back in the chest. Peter intervenes and hits Eli to the floor. The two groups raise their weapons at each other. Joy tries to get everyone to stand down as they don't need a blood-bath, but Eli points out there already is one. Peter demands that Eli leave.

Eli is furious and asks how they think they can lay a hand on him and kill one of his men when he had tried to put things right. Peter calls him a demented prick and reveals he's fully aware Eli never intended to make a truce and that he quite clearly has an ulterior motive. Eli promises Peter he will regret what he's done. The groups keep their guns raised at each other as Eli and his men back away and retreat from camp, leaving Amar's motionless body behind. A visibly worried Charlotte watches as Eli tells them he'll have to go about things the ugly way. Georgie is in shock after the sudden murder in front of her, so Joy takes her to one side to get her cleaned up. The rest of the survivors look at Jai in confusion and surprise. Peter reaches out to him, but he just walks away without saying a word.

Back at the housing complex, Alexis fetches Michael from one of the offices and tells him to come outside as she plans to address the community. He tells her he's busy but she responds sternly by telling him it's not negotiable. As she goes to leave, he asks her what she will do if she says no and then tells her he knows she killed Victoria.

Meanwhile, Coleman settles Luke, Jasmin and the other newcomers into a house and tells them he's sure they'll be comfortable. Luke jokes that the house seems like paradise after spending the past two weeks in a broken down bus. Derrick jokingly takes offence, reminding them that he was driving that bus when he picked them up and saved their lives. Coleman asks Bernadette what her story is, but she coldly tells him they'll have time to exchange anecdotes later and instead asks for some time to settle in first. Coleman agrees and leaves. Derrick tells Bernadette she was being harsh, but she remains wary as she doesn't yet know the people they're around. The little girl of the group, Shannon, says that everybody seems nice which Bernadette concurs with but she tells her they have to be careful anyway. Jasmin agrees and points out they haven't survived this long by trusting strangers. Luke wishes they could have found the safe-place earlier and his little brother Daniel says their mother might still be alive if they had. Bernadette tells them firmly that they can't do what-if's as they have all done the best they can.

Alexis tries to deny her involvement with Victoria's death, but Michael tells her he saw what happened through a window. Alexis admits she let Victoria die, but insists that she deserved it as she told an outside group she didn't trust the location of their complex. Alexis asks Michael if her killing Victoria is going to change their agreement. He tells her it won't as even though what she did sickens him, he knows leaving somewhere so safe will only resort in his death. Alexis tries to assure Michael she feels remorse for what she did and that given the chance, she'd go back and save her. Michael isn't sure he believes her but agrees to just take her word for it. She asks if he'll keep quiet and he replies "I don’t have much of a choice, do I?"

After the departure of Eli, the main group of survivors remain startled by Jai's killing of Amar. Joy checks on Georgie, who insists that she's fine. The two agree that whilst they might be shocked by Jai's behaviour, he must have had a good reason for doing what he did.

Peter approaches Jai, who sternly informs him that he's apologised to Georgie but has nothing else to say on the matter. When Peter asks why he did what he did, Jai reveals he couldn't have Amar around Beatrice, hinting he might have been a molester. Peter thanks Jai for killing Amar if he's implying what he thinks he is. Jai confesses that he should have done it a lot sooner as Amar ashamed the family and they were never the same after his trial. Peter asks Jai if he's going to be all right. Jai says he will and that the world's a better place without Amar in it. Peter asks for Jai's advice on what to do with the body and suggests that they could bury him beside Karen. Jai firmly refuses, saying that Amar is to go nowhere near her. He tells Peter to dump the body and to leave him for the undead.

At the housing complex, Alexis gathers the residents, including Michael, and makes a speech, where she says that they have all been given a unbelievable blessing by being able to live in a safe place when the rest of the world is dangerous and full of suffering. She then expresses her desire and wish for the community to thrive and to eventually expand, something she believes can happen even though it will take a lot of hard work. Alexis brings up Victoria and states that they need to remember and be thankful to her for the housing complex as none of them would be there if it wasn't for her. In order to ensure she will never be forgotten, she decides to name the complex after her: Victoria.

Later that evening, Peter and Charlotte discuss the event's of the day and acknowledge that Javier is not happy that Eli was in camp and walked away alive. Charlotte tells Peter she's been thinking of her family a lot lately and points out that the group have become their own family. She then asks if Peter would give it all up in order to get his wife and son back. Peter answers that it would be hard, but his family would come first, every time, which Charlotte agrees with. Peter excuses himself to eat some food.

A concluding flashback to Charlotte's meeting with Eli in the woods is shown where he tells her that he will offer Peter a chance to form an alliance, something Charlotte finds absurd as Peter will never agree to it. Eli reveals that he will still be given a choice. On the likely possibility of Peter turning down the proposition, Eli instructs Charlotte to persuade Peter to approach Alexis at her housing complex and arrange a meeting as he would like to turn up as he has something he would "like to share with them both." Eli asks Charlotte if she's prepared to do that, she replies that she doesn't have a choice. Eli corrects this with a smile and reminds her that there is always a choice.

Back in the present, Charlotte brings up the possibility to Peter of going to Alexis for help in dealing with Eli as she despises him as much as they do. Peter doesn't look happy about the prospect, but says he'll think about it. He then walks away as Charlotte, overcome by guilt, covers her face with her hands.



  • First appearance of Luke.
  • First appearance of Jasmin.
  • First appearance of Bernadette Delacroix.
  • First appearance of Derrick.
  • First appearance of Daniel.
  • First appearance of Shannon.
  • First appearance of Jonny, without lines.
  • Last appearance of Amar Patil.
  • Last appearance of Jeff. (Corpse)
  • The title of this episode comes from Eli's attempt to make peace with Peter.
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